Six Flags

For a band field trip, we went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

When we first got there, my friends and I couldn’t think of what to do because some of my group hated roller coasters (me) and others loved intense ones like the Iron Rattler. So we ended up splitting into two groups: intense and not intense. We just did the more mild ones, like the one where you are in a log and the roadrunner.

At the end, one of my friends says “I want to do an actual roller coaster.”  He was first thinking about the boomerang, but we decided to do the poltergeist instead. We get in line and we’re starting to have second thoughts about it…then we were next in line and there’s no turning back. We strapped in and the dude goes 3…2…1… zoooooooooom!!! We fly out on to the roller coaster, there were lots of twists, turns, loops. And we finally stopped.

At the end, I wish we did it earlier, but we ran out of time so we couldn’t do it again .

My Dog

My dog eats the strangest things. He’s eaten birds, worms, cicadas, and pretty much any thing he gets that he can possibly eat.

When he ate the bird, he chased it down, got it in his mouth and, bit it. And there was a crunch and he just swallowed it. There were feathers stuck to his lips, so he licked his chops and ate them too.

Another time he pulled a worm out of the ground. And he streeeeched it out… then it just snapped in half. And he just slurped it up and ate it.

He even eats cicadas. Well just be walking down the road.He spots one and crunches down on it and you can even hear the really loud noise as well.

Also he eats A LOT of grass as if he is a cow. He may as well be a cow because of the fact that he’s a Dalmatian and they are white with black spots to.

So pretty much my dog eats a vast majority of weird things.

Spring Break

Over spring break I went to West Palm Beach Florida to visit my grandparents.

In the place they live it’s a country club.You are always occupied and doing something and it’s really fun.They also have lots of lakes there and it’s really fun to fish. One time, we were fishing at this place and there was an alligator, he couldn’t get to us by the way. My dad caught a fish and hung the fish over the balcony we were fishing off of so he could tease the alligator, but the alligator jumped out and snatched the fish off the line. This spot was a spot my Grandpa didn’t know about until some random dude said it was a good place to fish.

Another thing I really liked about the place is the golf. I don’t golf a lot, but I like to golf with my grandpa when I can. I usually don’t play well, but that day I did, I played better than my dad on a few holes and at one point hit the ball 180 yards.

At the end of the trip, I wanted to go back, but couldn’t. I really enjoyed hanging out with my family and chillin’.

Why I Hate My Peanut Allergy

We see a new ice cream shop on the corner and say oh let’s try it so we go there, and when we get there we ask do you have any peanut anything?They say there’s probably a chance of cross contamination so we can’t eat there. I hate my peanut allergy and wish I could just fix it.

The worst thing about my peanut allergy is that it’s so severe that I can’t go to some places if there’s a chance of cross contamination. I go some where, and everyone says it’s so good so we go there…just to figure out that I can’t eat there because they use peanuts. Every one loves Chickfile but I can’t eat there because they use stupid peanut oil. If they used any other type of oil I could eat there, but no they use peanut oil. Most Asian food places I can’t eat at just because they use peanuts. If I could change any thing about myself I would make my self unallerhic to peanuts.

It’s not only in food places that it affects me, it even affects me on holidays like Halloween. I get like half as much because everyone gives out peanut candy. I can’t eat that so I have to give it away. At Halloween I don’t get much, but I have to give away half so it’s like double not as much. This also applies on Christmas because my grandma gets lots of baked goods and sweets, and I can’t eat alot of baked goods and sweets.

This peanut allergy is so annoying and I would like to not have it. All in all it just sucks to have a peanut allergy.


The Superbowl

This years Superbowl was a showdown between the Patriots and the Falcons. Everyone thought the Patriots would win because they’re quarterback Tom Brady is just flat out skilled.

In the first half the game started out kind of slow because neither team could get in to the endzone. late first quarter the Falcons get a touchdown, get a stop and get another touchdown. Patriots still struggling to get anything going get close to scoring, but a few flags and they’re back to punting it. The Falcons take advantage scoring yet another touchdown. In the end of the half the patriots get a dinky little field goal making it 21-3 Falcons at the half.

Now we’re in the second half. Falcons start off the way they finished the last half scoring a quick 7 making it 28-3. Patriots desperate to get ANYTHING going but they just can’t getting stopped yet again. The Patriots finally find out how to stop them. Patriots finally get a touchdown near the end of the third quarter, but… They missed the PAT. The Patriots get a stop and score again. Patriots down by 14 now with 6 minutes left.get a stop and score. This Falcons drive is crucial, if they score it’s  game over.they get over the thirty yard line. Then Matt Ryan gets sacked putting them down at about the fifty forcing them to punt. Patriots move up the field to the thirty. Now Tom Brady throws a bomb to Eddelman and he catches the ball through the defenders legs! Then they advance to score a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie.

Niw we’re in OT. Patriots win the toss, go on a nice drive and score. Patriots win! The biggest comeback in Superbowl history.

After I watched this game I thought it was a great game to watch because of the insane comeback and the nice catches that the players had.


Why Texas is Not Doing Well In Basketball

This year Texas Basketball lost a lot of good players but picked up a good amount of good players. So you would think oh maybe they will do good this year. Nope we are one of the worst teams in the Big12 and don’t have a very good chance at making the NCAA tournament.

The first reason that Texas isn’t playing well is all of our best players are are either freshmen or sophomores. So they are pretty inexperienced and play against more experienced teams. Also because they are young and inexperienced they might do more stupid things than more experienced players. The person I think is our best big man doesn’t take a few shots he should take and he misses a lot of shots he should make.

The second reason I think they don’t play well is there is no POINT guard. We have solid shooting guards but not one true point guard. One of the better shooting guards usually plays point guard. I think we can’t really utalize some of his strengths because he has to take the load of playing point guard. Like for instance in the Texas vs. Oklaholma game the announcers said that because they have no point guard the coach should have called a time out at the end but we didn’t and we almost payed for it.

So what I’m saying is I think because we’ll be more experienced next year, and will hopefully recruit a point guard, we’ll have a shot at doing well and possibly go deep in to the tournament next year.

Texas Vs. Oklaholma (basketball)

Texas played against their rivals Oklaholma. I would’ve gone to the game if I didn’t have too much homework. I thought Texas would win but I thought it would be a pretty close game.

In the first half Texas started off strong taking the lead by like 6 points. OU was keeping with Texas For pretty much the whole first half. In the first half we had really nice plays by both teams having great passes, nice dunks, and good moves like shaking off players. Texas goes in to the secon half with the lead.

Now in the second half, Texas was starting to show some tiredness getting beat on fast breaks, and making more mistakes than they did in the first half. At the end of the game, Texas was winning by five with 1:30 on the clock. Oklaholma gets a steal and gets a fast break basket. After this OU has momentum and takes the lead by 5. The Texas guard Eric Davis shoots a deep three and drains it. With ten seconds left Texas fouls a guy, and he bricks both free throws. Andrew Jones is running down the court does a shak’n bake he’s in NBA three range shoots it…3…2…1 swish he drains it and Texas comes out with a W.

This was one of the best Texas games I have watched considering the fact that that this was against our rivals OU and an awesome buzzer beater.

the Dominican Republic

Over Winter break we went to the Dominican Republic for my Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th anniversary.

When we got off the plane from Illinois ( we took 2 flights), I was worried about customs because I’ve heard that customs CAN take  a long time, but it wasn’t that bad for us. From the airport some guys picked us up to bring us to the resort.

When we got there (my grandparents with us we met at customs) my Aunt Uncle, and cousin were already there. They told us the resort was really nice and cool.

The next day we got up pretty early for breakfast and it was awesome. One thing I like is all the food was included with the resort so in a way it was free. This is the day we had nothing to do so we just chilled on the beach got food and stuff like that.

I don’t want to some up every day on the trip so I will just give highlights of the trip.

The most fun part about the trip was snorkeling. It was snorkeling off a boat so we went out to the ocean and snokeled there. I didn’t like this part too much because the water was rough and the coolest thing I saw was a school of sardine looking fish. After that we went to an island off the Dominican Republic and chilled but you were allowed to snorkel. I decided to go snorkeling and I went pretty far out to this reef thing and saw lots of fish.

The food also amazing and included so it was kinda free but not. Who cares if you had to pay it would have been totally amazing anyway. The only problem with the food was at one roster aunt we LITTERALY waited 2 hours for food ( not exaggerating) but the food was good.

At the very end I did not want to leave because everything was so good and chill. I definitely think I got the best of the break possible.

My Baseball Tournament in Kentucky Game #1

Over the summer I went to Kentucky, for a baseball tournament. This is our biggest tournament of the year with 20 teams.

In our first game we start off as the home team so we are in the the first inning they jump ahead 2-0 and around the third inning its 9-1 them. Looks like we’re gonna lose our first game right. In the inning one player illegally dove in to home giving us a free out(which I think caused the momentum swing). In the inning after that griffin bats lead off knocks a single. Now I’m up I get behind in the count and rip a single to left 1st and second no outs. The. Batter after me hits a double getting me to third and scoring a run. Next batter hits a drinker to the shortstop who gets carried away with the runner on second everyone is safe. The inning goes on and the score is9-6 them. I’m upto lead off and I hit a single and earn up scoring. Now the score 9-9.

the game goes to over time, and we end up winning and everyone goes crazy. It was a pretty nice comeback, and I think the way we got momentum was the illegal dive.

Charlie Strong Gets Fired

UT football a lot of people thought would be good this year and so did I. We got off to a good start beating top ten Notredame. That was really the only GREAT thing that happened other than we having one of the best running backs in the FBS.

In UT’s second last game we play Kansas who hasn’t won a game in 2 years and 78 years against UT. Easy win, right? Nope, Texas lost in over time by three stinking points. That was also our easy ticket to a bowl game. I think Strong should’ve been fired right after the game. The reason being that our players were ten times there skill, but lots of bad coaching calls made it so it was his fault.

Earlyer in the year my trumpet instructor told me that since some time in the 1800s to 2014( when Strong was hired) scoring over 40 points Texas’s record was 200 something and 3. After that scoring over 40 points Strong has lost around 5. He’s also a defensive minded coach. I don’t think it’s just me but that’s kind of sad.

The day after the last game Texas fired Strong and hired the coach from Huston who willingly came to Texas. When I heard the news I was very happy.