You finally get home from a long day at school and you think you have sometime to do what you want, and then you remember— you have homework. There is way to much homework given out by teachers.

First off, the amount of stress it puts on the students is ridiculous. You sit at a desk all day, going from class to class, and having to deal with people you just can’t stand. Then when you get home you have 3 pages of math work, a science lab report to write, and study for an english quiz the next day. And so many kids now a days have their parents pressuring them to perfect grades. If they want us to have a life outside of school that’s never gonna happen. Kids just don’t get time to be kids anymore.

Not to mention, the activities kids have after school. I have sports practice after school 4 days a week and guitar lessons on Thursdays. The only time I have for homework is the 15 minutes before we leave, and driving time. Which if you ask me, it isn’t exactly easy trying to dialate the congruency of a figure when your 16 year old sister, who just got her license, is driving.

Finally, the fact that about 50% of what we are learning we will probably never use. I want to be a vet I don’t need to know quantum physics. Teachers are packing us full of information that the average student wont need. It’s more work for the teachers anyway.

Students are given way too much homework— and you know it.

2 thoughts on “Homework

  1. sabirs5 says:

    At least you don’t have an hour and 15 minutes of math homework almost every night. It literally takes so long, that by the time I’m done there is no light outside.

  2. ruhir4 says:

    I also think that teachers give out too much homework. I barely have anytime to just go outside and have fun anymore. Not even on weekends! You wrote this blog post very well and I totally agree with everything you said.

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