Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything is written by Nicole Yoon.  The main character, Madeline Whittier as a condition called SCID. SCID is a condition where she can’t interact with anything or anyone that hasn’t been “Sanitized” including outside. Carla, Madeline’s nurse come everyday to make sure she’s healthy. One day people next door move in. They come over to greet the Whittier family and bring a budnt cake. As soon as they knock Madeline’s mother answers it and says “hi”and quickly shuts the door and doesn’t take the cake.  She didn’t want any germs in her house so Madeline wouldn’t get sick.  One day after another Madeline can’t wait to meet the next door neighbors. Madeline and Olly (The neighbors kid) start to email each other. While no one knows about it. The next day while Madeline’s mother is gone Madeline asks her nurse is Olly can come over just to meet each other.  She make a crazy decision and invites him over. They went into the white room and talked for 30 minutes then left. Madeline and Carla thought it was strange because Madeline didn’t get sick.  Madeline and her mother play Pictionary every week and watch movies but Madeline has been rescheduling because she says she’s busy.  Busy emailing Olly. A while later Madeline’s mother found out about Carla letting Olly inside her house and get furious and fires Carla. Later on Madeline goes to Hawaii what happens next is a secret until you read the book.

🏝The Bahamas🏝

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I went to the Bahamas about half a year ago. It was the best! I basically lived off Starbucks! I got to go on this amazing trip because of my step dad’s business! I went to the Bahamas for about a week! I went to everywhere! I went to the pool and ocean everyday, but before that we had to do our school work so we didn’t fall behind. I’m so happy that I was able to go on that amazing trip.