This summer my family and I visited Germany and saw many interesting and famous landmarks. The places that we visited included the Berlin Wall, Neuschwanstein Castle, and a concentration camp at Dachau. I really found Dachau, the most famous Nazi concentration camp inside of Germany, to be the most heartbreaking and educational experience. Millions of innocent Jews all over Europe were put into these death camps, and enslaved. Every morning the prisoners would have to wake up and make their beds at a specific time and complete hygienic tasks or face brutal consequences. After that the Jews would have to stand in a line every morning to be counted, and if someone misbehaved or was absent they could be shot. After they were counted then they would have to work all day to build ammunition for the Nazi military. I think it was very ironic that they used the weapons that the captured Jews had made to capture more Jews and treat them the same. That was just a glimpse of what this exciting trip to Germany was like.

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  1. I too have visited Dachau– it has such an eerie feeling. It is like you can feel the sadness. We will learn lot more about this when we get to our Holocaust unit. We will read the memoir Night, and it will have the irony that you observed at the concentration camp. Great attention to details.

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