The Phantom’s Lair

I watched as my breath escaped from my lips and into the frigid air, forming a misty cloud in front of me before disappearing into the darkness. My eyes darted around the ominous cavern and all my instincts to told me to run, to flee this cage where the misery was so real you could almost feel it on your body. It closed in from all sides, wrapping around you, suffocating you. Everything about this place screamed bitterness, cruelty and pain.

The rough black walls, stoic guards that kept the light out and the darkness in.

The shriveled rose petals that littered the damp ground.

The scuttling sounds that came from deep within the shadows of the jagged rock.

A single torch hung suspended on the far wall. It’s lonely light was the only thing keeping the darkness from closing in completely. It’s soft glow illuminated the one thing of beauty that lay here far below the earth’s surface: an organ. The instrument sat in it’s circle of warmth and light, as if challenging the darkness to come any closer. The ghost of it’s last note still hung in the air, haunting the cavern just as the Phantom had once haunted the opera house.

I slowly backed out of the room. I had spent enough time here, surrounded by the long forgotten ghosts of despair and heartbreak. This place was destined to be forgotten, these ghosts destined to disappear. The mysterious Phantom of the Opera was nothing but a memory of long ago.

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