Grendel and Frenrir


    Grendel, will you accept this challenge to kill Fenrir? Yes, your honor. Then leave Beowulf shouts. I run as fast as I can to the cave of Gastorle where the mighty Fenrir lives. After a long time I finally arrive.  As I approach to the cave, I see nothing from miles away, all I see is the dule grey cave where the beast lives. I skulk into the cave looking left and right. Shwooshhhh! What was that I say! Before even taking one more step I realize it is FENRIR! I never thought I would actually see him. He has been my bugaboo since I was a little monster and he kills my mother! I was trying to ambush him but I guess my plan isn’t going to work so I think quickly. But, not quickly enough. All of a sudden, Fenrir takes a big bite out of my leg as I scream in pain. Him being so close I can really see him. His thick black coat of long fuzzy fur, his bright green eyes that can look into your soul, his sharp teeth that are now red from all his victims and his claws that can dig deeper that anything. He starts to scratch me and just like that the cave starts to rumble. Ckkkkk. Ckkkkk. Then, the underworld Valhalla rose up. The heat was burning me, but the sight of all the people struggling is what really hurt. With Fenrir distracted I hopped up with my one leg and made a noise. Just like that, Fenrir saw me and ran. He put me in his mouth about to swallow me, when Heres tripped Henrir and we both fell into Hell.


My sister and I were sitting on the big oak tree

While my mom was taking a photo of me

We were in cute little pink and green dresses

Hoping our hair wasn’t great big messes


We both had bows. One pink and one white

But what we didn’t know was we would soon have a great fright


Blink! Blink! In the blink of an eye

I really thought I was going to die

We started to fall off the big oak tree

As I tried to hold on with every last piece of me


My sister and I started to scream

Oh how I wished this was just a dream

And then we fell with a big KAPLOP!

At least we didn’t fall from the very top!



Author’s Note:

This poem expresses a memory of mine. The memory was a couple years ago and my sister and I were taking Easter photos. While taking the photos, my sister and I slipped and fell of the tree with a BANG!