My sister and I were sitting on the big oak tree

While my mom was taking a photo of me

We were in cute little pink and green dresses

Hoping our hair wasn’t great big messes


We both had bows. One pink and one white

But what we didn’t know was we would soon have a great fright


Blink! Blink! In the blink of an eye

I really thought I was going to die

We started to fall off the big oak tree

As I tried to hold on with every last piece of me


My sister and I started to scream

Oh how I wished this was just a dream

And then we fell with a big KAPLOP!

At least we didn’t fall from the very top!



Author’s Note:

This poem expresses a memory of mine. The memory was a couple years ago and my sister and I were taking Easter photos. While taking the photos, my sister and I slipped and fell of the tree with a BANG!

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