Float Away


I saw her in the window
Watching the world
Long flowing hair
Hallow cheeks
Big brown sad eyes

She was scared
Scared of what?
I asked myself
Then I saw a man
A big man

She was slipping away
Out to sea
Where pain is mute
Where your problems float
Float away

I saw her the next day
Driving away
The lights blared
And her hair was cut
Shorn clean

Her eyes were empty
I thought I saw her yesterday
She was free
Out at sea
Where your pain is mute

Where your problems float
Float away

by me

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Beep-beep, Beep-beep
Groan, click, moan
“Get going, wake up,you’re to slow,”
Comes from below in the kitchen
Click, now there’s light
Groan, moan

Drawer opens
New shirt, New socks and yesterday’s jeans
Old shoes,brushed hair
Running down the stairs
“Do I have to go today?”
“Yes you do, ’till Saturday.”
“Ok” grumble mumble

Yogurt and a yawn
Spooned in ’till its gone
Milk and mint breath
To early to be dressed

A test in Second
Not yet, I’m not ready, I forgot
Got to cram it all in
Pack my bag
Out the door
Need sleep, just a minute more

by me

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Melancholy Morning


Sitting on the bus
Listening to the ruckus
Surrounded by seas of swaying grass
Engulfed in suburb houses
Drowning in waves of nonstop noise
Me I’m an island of boring

I wrote this poem inspired by When It Is Snowing by Siv Cedering and Poppies by Roy Sheele

This poem is short not only because the poems that inspired me are, but also because I’m a morning person and I don’t like to talk much in the morning because I’d rather be sleeping.

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Poem of the Sea



Pixabay CC0

My feet upon the grainy sand

I’m up to see the sun

The sand is in my hair, my ears, and it cover my hands

It beckons me back, again and again


Fishermen out with their spider web string

Do they feel the pull like me?

The seagulls are out to greet the sun

It’s rising up for everyone


I taste the salt on my tongue

I feel the sea in front of me

Some say it’s just a whole lot of water

But I say that it’s more


It’s alive

Just like you and me

It is strong and it’s fierce

But still mellow and mild


It is full of life

It’s overflowing

It’s greater than you and me

Don’t control it, just let it be

by: Me


I wrote this poem, because  I love the Sea. I know that it is alive, maybe not scientifically ,but it’s still alive. I go to the Outer Banks every single year and each year my love for the Sea grows. If you’ve never seen a sunrise or sunset on the Sea then you have never seen true and simple beauty.


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Three Places to See in the USA


There are so many things to see in the USA. You hear about: the Grand Canyon, the Empire States Building, and Yellowstone. But, what about the lesser known places, no less extraordinary just not discovered yet. These places are exactly that.

 Hot Springs, Arkansas

Back in the 1800’s medicine didn’t exist, so people relied on prayer, herbs, and hot spring to get them well. Hot springs are basically springs that have very hot water coming out of them. Hot Springs, Arkansas has many of these. People traveled from all over to bathe in them, and people built stunning bathhouses that they piped the water into. These bath houses are still there and while, they are not still functioning they are still open. When you walk in you will step into history. Be prepared to be amazed.

The Museum of Making Music

When most people think of museums they think of drafty old buildings, stuffed with old artifacts with signs every where saying “Do Not Touch.” This museum is very different, they have instruments in every room that you can try out yourself, and each room is a different era in Music. You start in the days of town bands and self-playing pianos and you progress to electric guitars and drum kits.they have videos you can watch, music you can listen to and instruments you can play. What more can you ask for.

The High Line, New York City, New York

A long time ago there was a freight rail line running through Manhattan’s  West Side, on top of a bridge. When the train stopped running the bridge remained and years later somebody decided to turn into a park, because land for parks is very hard to find in the middle of a built up city.




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Horrible Harry the Cowboy Pirate


“Howdy, me hardys, I’m a root’n hoot’n cowboy pirate,” howled Horrible Harry. He was mean, but he was healthy as can be. This was a result of eating horseradish every single day, of course Harry measured days with his own calendar, so one day equaled the average person’s 7.5 days . Either way,horseradish is very good for you,because it wakes up your senses. This is very important if you are a cowboy pirate, because people are always attacking you because you round up their cattle, take them to your ship and sail away.

He was different than most pirates for many reasons. One, as I already explained, is the fact that he is also a cowboy. Another is that instead of having a parrot he has an owl. That is the reason he introduces himself as a ” root’n hoot’n cowboy pirate.” He also had his sister as second mate ,this was pretty much unheard of considering that his sister was a slightly scrawny ten year old. She earned her keep though, because she could make mighty fine chocolate chip cookies.

She could also yell louder than the seas on a stormy night. This is the story of Horrible Harry and his scrawny sister Annie.

To Be Continued

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I Love Chocolate


I absolutely adore the wonderful, amazing and perfect food named, chocolate. I really wish that I could eat chocolate now, but I gave it up for lent. In fact, I gave up all sweets for lent. If you don’t know what lent is, I will tell you. Lent is the time before Easter. You can give up something, this represents the hardship that Jesus went through. It has to be something that you like not something that you don’t like homework or chores.

I love chocolate, a lot. If it was up to me I would eat it every day for every meal. It has a crave-able(I made up this word) taste and texture. In fact, just writing about it makes my mouth water. Unfortunately, I can not have any chocolate. This makes me very sad. Every day people are eating chocolate around me, and the temptation almost makes me cry. This I a real struggle, okay?

I love chocolate, and I am sorry that I have said those words so often, but I have to express my feelings for the candy that gives me happiness. Even though I can not have any chocolate, I hope that you can enjoy some this Valentine weekend.

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I Shan’t


The air is too hot so I shan’t go out.

My dear, the poor Sun’s feelings will be hurt , for
it has worked so hard to get it just right for you.

Okay, I will go out, but I shan’t walk
on the sand, for it is much to rough.

My dear, please it would hurt the feelings of the
sand for it has worked to get that small for thousands
of years.

Ok, I shall walk on the sand,
but I shan’t swim in the
Ocean, for it is much to cold.

My dear, please it would hurt the Ocean’s feelings it
has meant to form a refuge from the sun’s gift just
for you.


Thank you for reading my writing.

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The Phantom’s Lair


The dark blue door opens, it beckons you in. Asking you, begging you to come in,stay a while. Relive it of the loneliness that haunts it.

You walk in, and you let your eyes guide you. You run your hand down the intricate banner. Your eyes are drawn to the balcony, with plush velvet seats. They are made for lovers of music to watch an opera. A massive stage lays directly in front of it. On it is a grand throne, surrounded by tall curtains. In the back, is a huge organ.

A hauntingly sweet song begins to play. It reminds you of something; you can’t remember what exactally. Then, it hits you. You remember sitting in a chair facing the wall. A bag is over your head. Children surround you, but you are truly alone. They don’t understand you. They are chanting,” Scar Face, Scar Face!”

You realize this isn’t your memory. You turn around, slowly. You hear a voice from behind the curtains,”Welcome.”

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My Winter Break


When the winter season comes every body gets all bundled up. At least in other states, in Texas you can get by with just a sweatshirt ,so the idea of bundling up is pretty much moot. I mean sure, sometimes it gets to or below freezing but that it a bit more frequent than a blue moon.

I spent my winter break in shorts, jeans, and jackets. My family spent a couple days in Galveston, so we wore rain jackets too. Galveston actually was really cool. We hung out in the beach houses that we rented; since they were on the bay side we kayaked with the boats that my uncle brought. In fact, while I was trying to get into one of them I fell into the water. Luckily it wasn’t that cold, because it was only about ten feet deep.

We also walked on the beach at the other side of the island, because the island is so thin it took about seven minutes to get to the other side. While we were walking I saw these weird blue blobs. The color looked almost fake, but it wasn’t fake. As I looked at it more closely I realized it was some type of jelly fish. When my uncle arrived I asked him what it was. He told me that it was a baby man of war.

A man of war is a group of tiny animals that connect to form a large being that floats on top of the water. It has really long almost strings that can sting. Their sting is deadly to smaller animals such as fish but not to humans. If it stings a human it hurts a lot. More than an average jellyfish sting.

Those were just a few of the many things I did over the holidays. My vacation was great, even if I didn’t get a white Christmas.

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