Layna’s POV
I lay down onto the grass, pressing my hands behind my head. I cross my ankles and stare at the yellow stars contrasting the clear black sky. I let the thoughts from my mind fly away, for once, relaxing. Rebel. Something in my mind whispers. I smile at the thought, at the thought that I’m different, at the thought that never in my 3 years of being a Rebel, have I been caught, at the thought that they can’t change me. White light from a flashlight hits near me. They’re looking for anyone out past curfew. I’m out past curfew. I know I should leave, run before I’m caught, but I can’t bring myself to leave behind the stars. The white light grows nearer and nearer. Finally I stand and began the walk home. A noise sound from beside me and my head whips in the direction. The rustling comes again, from the bushes. My heart pounds. Is it possible? Is it possible that they were waiting here, poised to catch any Rebels? I don’t move for a while, waiting, daring the noise to come again. But it doesn’t. I began to move when something flashes out of the corner of my eye. I turn but it’s too late. Someone steps behind me and presses a sharpened knife to my throat.

Seth’s POV
I step into the school building. Everyone’s talking about it, about the incident. Layna North, a well known Rebel, disappeared last night. She was no where to be found. Obviously she was out past curfew again, and the Shield would’ve been looking for people like her. But would the Shield really kill a Rebel? Of course not. I say to myself, The Shield is here to protect us. They’ve made laws against killing people. They would never… I shake the thought out of my head. I can’t afford to be thinking things like that, it could get me into a ton of trouble.

I head back to my house after my daily walk. It’s not yet past curfew, but it’s quite dark. I notice the chill in the air and wish I’d brought my jacket. I walk a little more briskly. I hear rustling to my left, but when I turn, no one’s there. I walk faster. Still the rustling sounds, I turn again. Nothing’s there. Stop imagining. I scold myself. But I again walk a little faster, faster, and faster until I’ve finally broken into a run. I pull to a stop when I hear the noise once more. I can’t be afraid of something that’s probably just the wind, right? I laugh softly at myself and began into a slow walk. I see a quick movement and turn towards the movement. But I was too slow. Something cold and metal hits my throat and pushes against it.

2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Hello Sarikav4!
    All I can think is wow! I love suspense but, it’s too much for me I want to know more now. You are great at writing stories and I would love to read more of this. Have you ever thought about becoming and author? I’m wondering, what inspired you to write this? – D. Saucedo ( http://www.flags8.org )

  2. Thank you!! I want to be an author but I never think of anything past the first couple chapters and get bored of the story line easily = )>. I like ending things creepily and I thought this did the trick but other than that, nothing really inspired me for this… Thank you again!!

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