Kittens Orange and white spots cover eight paws Tiny tongues taste the food in their jaws Play in the night and sleep in the day Frisky kittens quickly bound away Sleep in the drawers, tumble across floors Slip under curtains, and through cracked doors Collars jingle like bells on a sleigh “Play with us, play […]

The Upside Of Falling Down

The Upside Of Falling Down is a book written by Rebekah Crane. It is about a girl named Clementine Haas who is the only survivor of an airplane crash in Ireland. When she wakes up in the hospital in Ireland she has no memory of her life before the crash. She knows how to do things, […]


I chose this video because I like to play volleyball. I am on my school’s volleyball team and I have been playing volleyball for 7 years.

Spicy and Salty

Last July, our family got two new kittens. My sister has been wanting a kitten since she was in first grade (she is now in fifth grade). In fact, her “first grade wish” was to have her own cat. My parents had been putting off getting a new cat because we had just gotten a […]