My random topic will be about Birds! I’ve wanted a Parrot since I was 3, when I watched the animated movie Rio!

The most common type of birds for pets are Cockateils, Cockatoos, Parakeets, African Grey Parrots, Budgerigar and Finches. Cockatiels and Cockatoos are cousins. They’re both “Cacatuidae.” All birds of these family’s have crowns, or crests. They can be yellow, black, red, etc.

The average lifespan of a parrot alone is 50-95 years. Kakapo are the birds who hold the length of 95, and Hyacinth Macaws are 50 years. That’s also the bird species they used in Rio, the blue rare Macaws. Scarlet Macaws are more common, with they’re bright colors they stand out but also blend in. Cool, isn’t it?



I love to draw.

I’ve been doing it since I was 4.

I animate on my YouTube channel and I try to upload weekly!

I’m self taught for art and animation, I learned it all on my own!!

My main OC’s have been with me since I was 6, in the video I’m gonna show, I have a species called Sulixx’s (that I made up) and the red and blue one is named Steamdragon, she’s my main oc. The grey, gold and yellow one is AshHeart, Steams “evil form.”

Since it’s going to show more of my videos, the only two other videos I will allow people to watch is a map part and my Bad Girls collaboration with my bff Nora/Ightslay


About Me

About Me

Scarlett McKelvey

I love to draw and animate, I have a YouTube Channel I post to.

I’m a furry, and a bit of a weeb.

One you get to know me I’m very salty and petty, so try not to be offended easily by me, and if I do seem rude, sorry.

I’m very sensitive mentally and physically.

I’m the jealous type for everything!

I’m bisexual.

I love all animals, I’ve wanted a cockatiel since I was 3.

My birthday is April 2nd, 2006

My favorite shows are Escape the Night, Steven Universe, American Vandal, Camp Camp and Voltron

My favorite movies are Annie Get Your Gun and Oh Brother Where Are Thou.

My longest friendship ever has been 10, 11 years with Carly Klingerburger.

My favorite genre is Swing and Electric Swing.

I’m a bit crazy but I hate being judged.

I’m Scottish and North American.

My favorite YouTubers are Danny Gonzolaz, Shane Dawson, Kwite, Fitz, Kingani, Sleepykinq, Sir Fluff, RaccoonEggs, Pyrocynical, WildSpartanz and SwaggerSouls.

I have severe Anxiety, ADHD and Dysgraphia.

I say mood a lot because if it’s relatable it’s a mood.

My favorite color is red.

My favorite animal is a Komodo Dragon.

My favorite songs are “Upside Down” by Paloma Faith, “That’s Right!” by SwingRowers and “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood.

The Female of the Species

My book is called The Female of the Species, made by Mindy McGinnis. It’s a book about 3 characters so far, Alex, Peekay and Jack. The main character as it seems is either Alex or Peekay.

Apparently it says Alex knows how to kill people, she learned how to especially after her sister, Anna, went missing. Peekay and Alex work at a pet store together, the growing closer and closer.

Jack is more of a jock, so he’s actually popular. Since he’s the least known of the three, I don’t have much to say.

This book is a young adults type of book, so it does have curse words and stuff. I understand it all, weirdly, since I usually read books like this.

Since I’m not far in, I don’t know much about it, so I’m trying my best.