Every human that has ever lived is simply a sack of a few basic elements and water. And yet, through the chemical reactions and electronic signals in your brain, you can think about yourself thinking, others thinking, and thinking about thinking about thinking.

Everything that we are, instructions tweaked for billions of years through evolution, is DNA. These combinations of just four letters, A C T and G, make up every single living thing. Your DNA is all that you are. Yet, you are capable of conscious thought. Each and every single person who has ever lived is an autonomous being with thoughts, memories, personalities, hopes, dreams, worries and fears. All the time, people interact, with their emotions affecting their actions, and those actions affecting other people’s thoughts and emotions.

At any one time, people all around the globe may be grieving a dead loved one, or celebrating a new birth. Every one of those people is a unique set of DNA, different personalities and mindsets crafted from memories and beliefs, all a complex combination of chemical reactions and electrical signals going through life. Every car on the road, every lit up window in every office building, every faceless stranger you walk past on the street, represents one of seven billion completely autonomous individuals. All of those individuals are constantly giving and receiving stimuli, all stored and filed in their brain for later use.

In that same brain, encoded in our DNA, are our instincts. Those are the amazing things that no one can teach, that you don’t need to be taught. When you trip and are about to fall, your subconscious brain tells you how to adjust your feet and spread your arms to keep you from falling. These things are passed on, generation to generation, because the early people who didn’t have those instincts tripped, fell, and died. Their DNA did not get passed on. All these minute details and traits make up who we are.

However, every one of these things, all these stories and tales and memories and thoughts and feelings and all the chemical reactions in the brains of all the 107,000,000,000 people who ever lived, are but in a blip a 13.8 billion year old universe.

We are just sacks of water, living on a pale blue dot.