One of my favorite pastimes is reading a website called What If. The site is run by an ex-NASA engineer who answers all sorts of “silly” questions submitted by viewers about math and science.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put an indestructible hair dryer with insanely high voltage in an airtight 1x1x1 meter box? Or what would happen if you opened a portal to Mars at the bottom of Challenger Deep (the deepest spot in the ocean)? What if a baseball was thrown at 90% of the speed of light?

You learn all sorts of weird science facts and mathematical concepts. He explains the thought process and math behind each answer and includes some of the mathematical equations.

It’s a great, funny, fascinating way for kids to learn about science. I love it because it stokes my curiosity. I oftentimes follow up on related Wikipedia entries linked in the article.

What “what if” questions would you like answered?

Photo by me, screenshot of the “What If” archive main page.