Dear Julian Delphiki Jr. (Bean),

Bean, you always made completely logical decisions, never letting your emotions affect your goals. I found it intriguing how you observed the world around you.

Bean, you survived for years on the streets of Rotterdam as a small child, even as an infant. How did you do it? By following reason and not passion. You outwitted older and larger children by watching and listening to find out how the world worked. And once you did, you put your knowledge to good use. Even as a very young child, you never acted impulsively, instead, you set plans into motion to get food, shelter, and protection. You showed me that through intelligence and cunning, even the smallest and weakest child can prevail. That message was very important to me; the first time I read your stories, I was a small child myself.

Bean, you were pursued by a powerful foe, but you stayed a step ahead by thinking many steps ahead. You stayed hidden while decoding messages from your imprisoned friends. You contacted the right people to set them free not by force, but with political connection and a widespread audience. Bean, you thought many moves ahead, always conscious of your actions would affect others, and then how your responses would affect their actions again.

Bean, you worked tirelessly to achieve your objectives. At first, all you wanted was to stay alive. Then you wished for victory and standing amongst your peers at Battle School. And at the end of your saga, you simply wanted a safe place for you and your family. How did you overcome the many not insignificant obstacles on your way to success? With the same cold, unrelenting logic with which you did everything. You survived your enemy’s worldwide hunt, rescued your kidnapped friend, commanded the Hegemonic armies, uniting the world under a peaceful ruler, and flew safely off to space to find a cure for your children’s uncontrollable growth. In short, your unconditionally logical reasoning led you to success Bean, and for that, I greatly admire you.

Bean, you always had your priorities in order. You never let anything get between you and your goals, you approached everything with the same unrelenting logic, and I both admire and envy your ability in that.