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Why Harry Potter is so Good

In the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling keeps her world balanced. She doesn’t introduce new magical concepts at key points in the story. She doesn’t give create characters with important roles without previously developing them. There are plenty of plot… Continue Reading →

Red Notice

I recently read an amazing book called “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. He was a businessman who invested in Russian companies just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Shortly thereafter, many formal government-owned businesses were being privatized. When these… Continue Reading →

Thing Explainer

Randall Munroe, The author of the “What If” book, also wrote a book called “Thing Explainer“. It uses only the most used thousand words to explain things from rocket science to your cells and nuclear reactors. The “Thing Explainer” is… Continue Reading →

Homework and Reading

Almost every day, we get homework from school. Math homework, science homework, French homework, and English homework. For me, it takes about three hours to do it all. After picking up my sister at 4:15, waiting though traffic to and… Continue Reading →

First Book Series

I love to read books. The first book series I ever read was shown to me by my older sister Amelia when I was in second grade. We were on winter vacation when she was reading the third or fourth… Continue Reading →

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