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A beautiful field flooded with red
Almost as the blood the soldiers shed
The poppies are protecting us as we live
Just as the soldiers below did

One for each is not enough
To show what they did for us
The color red has something to say
888,246 poppies on veterans day

Advise for future 7th graders

Good luck because you are going to need it.  I am not trying to scare you but… let’s just say that it has been my hardest year yet.

Yes there are perks to being a 7th grader.  You can play sports for the school(I suggest golf).  You are not the youngest ones anymore.  And you get great teachers, but there are many downsides too.  You have tons of homework.  You have to read more books in English(that was the worst for me). And you are the middle child at the school.  It is kind of stressful.

Yes I do wish someone would have prepared me, but I made it through. You will be fine.  Just stay on everyone’s good side and you will be good to go. My 7th grade year was pretty good at WRMS.

End of school

I can’t wait for the end of school
No more home work and time to hang by the pool
Taking vacations to beaches and more
No more walking through that school door
Being king of the school and not the middle grade
I can’t wait for the end of school


What is life without color? To me, nothing. You wouldn’t know if there was a beautiful red flower. You wouldn’t see the bright blue sea, or the green of the grass. Colors describe things and without them, it would be hard to make conversation when there is nothing to describe about an object.

Color makes a world bright and interesting. Colors can show meaning or happiness. I feel that the people in the Giver are not happy and have no feelings. Color could be the reason for this. They have no eye color. They can’t see what color their food is. They can’t even see what color their shirt is. Jonas wished that he could see the color of his tunic. He wanted color so bad. They need it in their community.

I think color is a very important trait. In the photo below the grass has no color and nor does the hole. It just doesn’t look right. Seeing beautiful things in a person or object can help you get to know it. Color is very important to me and I don’t know that I could live without it.

Got pic from morgue file

The Ocean

She comes up long enough to get a breath, then is sucked back in. Her heart was racing as another wave covers her head. And then another. She could feel the sand slipping through her toes as she tries too stand up. But then once again, the water pulls her back. She screamed for help every chance she got. No one heard. Then she remembers her grandmother was in the water as well. Now she panicked even more. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. The salt water was in her lungs; she could just feel it. Choking and coughing for air, she saw 5 objects at the shore. Finally she was out and laying on the sand. She felt like a beached whale. Just the thought of the ocean made her cringe. She never wanted to see it again.


Swim suits and flip flops
Three months of no school or work
Summer hurry up


What are rules? Well rules are everywhere. Some are breakable some are not. There are serious rules and rules for a better society. They help things flow better.

Rules you should not break are for good reasons such as safety. For example, speeding can get you hurt or in trouble. Other rules like ” don’t talk back to parents and teachers”, are for good manners and behavior. Rules in public places are to keep customers safe and happy. However, there are some rules you can break.

These rules can be broken in different situations. When segregation was in its prime, African Americans had harsh laws. Many broke these laws for there own safety and life. Also, scientists break physics laws to do experiments and such. Regular rules can be broken in different circumstances like if you are in danger or your safety is at risk.

There are many rules to follow. There are many there you might break. Choosing wisely at times when you are not sure can help you stay safe and keep you out of trouble.

Phantom’s Lair

Dark,deep,depressing. Lonely with nothing but moths fluttering around. A ray of sunlight comes in but is quickly covered by a shadowy figure.

There is a lake the size of a house but goes down for miles. Nothing but black water sitting still. Not a creature nor mammal living in the murky water.

The floor is filled with dust and bones. Bones from mice and birds and possibly humans. All the doing of the Phantom. All the harm of the Phantom.

Why can’t it snow in Austin?

Why can’t it snow in Austin

I really don’t get it at all

Just one or two drops of white

Not a pile ten feet tall

Why can’t it snow in Austin

Please just one day

Winter is passing quickly

And in won’t snow in May

Why can’t it snow in Austin

I know that I am dreaming

But if I see the drops

I will be the one screaming


There are many ways people wear masks. Literal masks and figurative masks are two ways. They wear them for real, for fun, and for emotions or thoughts.

Literal masks stand out. You can see them and they have a purpose. For example, there are Marti Gras, Halloween, and Masquerade ball masks. Those are to show glamour or fright. Also, on a more serious note, doctors wear them to prevent germs or dieases reaching them. All of these masksare literal and easy to notice because that is what they are for. However, some masks are figurative.

Figurative masks cover things, but they are not as easy to spot, mostly because they are inner emotions or feelings. Let’s say you’re talking on the phone to someone and they sound happy and cheerful but really deep down they are hurt. Thats a feelings mask. Also you can force a smile at someone trying to advoid there hatred toward them. These masks are a lot different from literal ones.

People use masks in may different ways. Do you? Next time you put on or show a mask, ask yourself what kind it is!

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