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Swim suits and flip flops
Three months of no school or work
Summer hurry up

Cabo, Mexico

This summer in June, I went to Mexico for my birthday. We used to go when I was 3,4,5 years old but we haven’t gone for several years and I didn’t remember much. When we got to the hotel, everything started coming back to me. The hotel is right on the ocean and you can hear waves crashing all night. All week we swam at the pool, played beautiful golf courses, hung out at the beach, ate at nice restaurants, and played cards in the hotel room. The weather was so nice because it was not hot! The last day was probably the best because in the morning I got to swim with dolphins( my favorite animal). Then that night we went to a really nice restaurant on the beach and they brought me a awesome dessert for my birthday. We had to go home the next day and I was sad, but it was definitely the best birthday I ever had!

20141009-201202.jpgphoto by my mom

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