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What is life without color? To me, nothing. You wouldn’t know if there was a beautiful red flower. You wouldn’t see the bright blue sea, or the green of the grass. Colors describe things and without them, it would be hard to make conversation when there is nothing to describe about an object.

Color makes a world bright and interesting. Colors can show meaning or happiness. I feel that the people in the Giver are not happy and have no feelings. Color could be the reason for this. They have no eye color. They can’t see what color their food is. They can’t even see what color their shirt is. Jonas wished that he could see the color of his tunic. He wanted color so bad. They need it in their community.

I think color is a very important trait. In the photo below the grass has no color and nor does the hole. It just doesn’t look right. Seeing beautiful things in a person or object can help you get to know it. Color is very important to me and I don’t know that I could live without it.

Got pic from morgue file

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