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Advise for future 7th graders

Good luck because you are going to need it.  I am not trying to scare you but… let’s just say that it has been my hardest year yet.

Yes there are perks to being a 7th grader.  You can play sports for the school(I suggest golf).  You are not the youngest ones anymore.  And you get great teachers, but there are many downsides too.  You have tons of homework.  You have to read more books in English(that was the worst for me). And you are the middle child at the school.  It is kind of stressful.

Yes I do wish someone would have prepared me, but I made it through. You will be fine.  Just stay on everyone’s good side and you will be good to go. My 7th grade year was pretty good at WRMS.


What is life without color? To me, nothing. You wouldn’t know if there was a beautiful red flower. You wouldn’t see the bright blue sea, or the green of the grass. Colors describe things and without them, it would be hard to make conversation when there is nothing to describe about an object.

Color makes a world bright and interesting. Colors can show meaning or happiness. I feel that the people in the Giver are not happy and have no feelings. Color could be the reason for this. They have no eye color. They can’t see what color their food is. They can’t even see what color their shirt is. Jonas wished that he could see the color of his tunic. He wanted color so bad. They need it in their community.

I think color is a very important trait. In the photo below the grass has no color and nor does the hole. It just doesn’t look right. Seeing beautiful things in a person or object can help you get to know it. Color is very important to me and I don’t know that I could live without it.

Got pic from morgue file

The Putt

 I walk up to my putt with confidence.  Well, I thought had confidence… although my heart sounded like a drum. ThumpThumpThump.  The crowd watched me like a hawk.  To be honest I was completely scared.  If I make this putt, I win the tournament.  And if I miss–well, I don’t want to talk about that… I address the ball then back off because of the wind. “Could this get any worse”, I thought.  Finally I took a deep breath and did it.  I don’t remember what happened exactly.  All I remember was the cheer of the crowd.  I made it I thought, I finally made it.


Sitting on my dads lap was the worlds biggest lap dog.
150 pounds, black and white, and pure cuteness.

I named him Driver, insisting that he should have a golf name
He loves me. Or at least he acts like it.  Even though he plays and sits
on me, he growls when I touch his food.

When we brought him home he was smaller, clumsy,
and sensitive.  The last thing we
needed was a eating machine that goes though a
40 pound bag of dog food in 2 weeks.

We got him treats and a HUGE bed and he was satisfied.
He still eats a ton but we love him.

Cabo, Mexico

This summer in June, I went to Mexico for my birthday. We used to go when I was 3,4,5 years old but we haven’t gone for several years and I didn’t remember much. When we got to the hotel, everything started coming back to me. The hotel is right on the ocean and you can hear waves crashing all night. All week we swam at the pool, played beautiful golf courses, hung out at the beach, ate at nice restaurants, and played cards in the hotel room. The weather was so nice because it was not hot! The last day was probably the best because in the morning I got to swim with dolphins( my favorite animal). Then that night we went to a really nice restaurant on the beach and they brought me a awesome dessert for my birthday. We had to go home the next day and I was sad, but it was definitely the best birthday I ever had!

20141009-201202.jpgphoto by my mom

Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar is my favorite professional golfer. He is on the PGA tour and he Is really good.
He has the same birthday as I do on of the many reasons I like him.  Recently he played in the
Ryder Cup for the U.S.  He holed one out and won his singles match and the crowd went crazy.
Here is a video of him taking a lesson. Hope you enjoy!

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