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Play for fun but win anyway


This past weekend I went to the indoor skydiving place Ifly.
I hate heights but honestly it’s not bad. It was my second time
going so I guess you could say I was somewhat experienced.

This time it was a little more scary but still a lot of fun.
The person inside the flying room with is your spotter.
If it is your first time then they hold on to you a bit more
than if it is your second time. The guy was spotting me but
a few times he let go and let me fly higher by myself. Let’s
just say I almost nosedived toward the ground and grabbed
the spotters head. I got too high and worried I would go to the
top and not come down.

The rest of time was really fun because I relaxed a bit.
I definitely want to go back and do more difficult stuff.
I may go skydiving one day (probably never but…) for
right now I will stick with Ifly!

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