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Play for fun but win anyway


What are rules? Well rules are everywhere. Some are breakable some are not. There are serious rules and rules for a better society. They help things flow better.

Rules you should not break are for good reasons such as safety. For example, speeding can get you hurt or in trouble. Other rules like ” don’t talk back to parents and teachers”, are for good manners and behavior. Rules in public places are to keep customers safe and happy. However, there are some rules you can break.

These rules can be broken in different situations. When segregation was in its prime, African Americans had harsh laws. Many broke these laws for there own safety and life. Also, scientists break physics laws to do experiments and such. Regular rules can be broken in different circumstances like if you are in danger or your safety is at risk.

There are many rules to follow. There are many there you might break. Choosing wisely at times when you are not sure can help you stay safe and keep you out of trouble.

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