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Play for fun but win anyway


There are many ways people wear masks. Literal masks and figurative masks are two ways. They wear them for real, for fun, and for emotions or thoughts.

Literal masks stand out. You can see them and they have a purpose. For example, there are Marti Gras, Halloween, and Masquerade ball masks. Those are to show glamour or fright. Also, on a more serious note, doctors wear them to prevent germs or dieases reaching them. All of these masksare literal and easy to notice because that is what they are for. However, some masks are figurative.

Figurative masks cover things, but they are not as easy to spot, mostly because they are inner emotions or feelings. Let’s say you’re talking on the phone to someone and they sound happy and cheerful but really deep down they are hurt. Thats a feelings mask. Also you can force a smile at someone trying to advoid there hatred toward them. These masks are a lot different from literal ones.

People use masks in may different ways. Do you? Next time you put on or show a mask, ask yourself what kind it is!

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