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My Dog

Photo by me

Photo by me

Three years ago I got a 100 pound puppy Great Dane.  Yes I did say he was a puppy and he was 100 pounds!  He is a mantle (black and white) and his name is Driver.  He is a very interesting dog.  He thinks he is a person just because his head reaches over the counter.  Okay so maybe his height has gotten to his head, and maybe we have given him slightly too much people food but he doesn’t have permission to sit on the coach and act like he owns it.  Now he is about 150 pounds and still adorable.  Although he is very large, he is very sensitive.  For starters he sits on my dads lap, hides when someone yells at him, and carries around a pink stuffed animal poodle.  Driver may be sensitive, but if someone messes with me, he will attack them.  He is an AWESOME dog!!!

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