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The Ocean

She comes up long enough to get a breath, then is sucked back in. Her heart was racing as another wave covers her head. And then another. She could feel the sand slipping through her toes as she tries too stand up. But then once again, the water pulls her back. She screamed for help every chance she got. No one heard. Then she remembers her grandmother was in the water as well. Now she panicked even more. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. The salt water was in her lungs; she could just feel it. Choking and coughing for air, she saw 5 objects at the shore. Finally she was out and laying on the sand. She felt like a beached whale. Just the thought of the ocean made her cringe. She never wanted to see it again.

Cabo, Mexico

This summer in June, I went to Mexico for my birthday. We used to go when I was 3,4,5 years old but we haven’t gone for several years and I didn’t remember much. When we got to the hotel, everything started coming back to me. The hotel is right on the ocean and you can hear waves crashing all night. All week we swam at the pool, played beautiful golf courses, hung out at the beach, ate at nice restaurants, and played cards in the hotel room. The weather was so nice because it was not hot! The last day was probably the best because in the morning I got to swim with dolphins( my favorite animal). Then that night we went to a really nice restaurant on the beach and they brought me a awesome dessert for my birthday. We had to go home the next day and I was sad, but it was definitely the best birthday I ever had!

20141009-201202.jpgphoto by my mom

The Dolphin

sadie dolphin

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