Climbing, climbing,climbing to the top of the iron rattler I had already said a prayer. There was no turning back and my stomach was churning. We were at the top. […]

  Whether you are buying a car to paying your bills, there are many financial obstacles in life. Some might be small but others not so small at all. But […]

Favorite Poem

Pixabay CC0 Balling up and wrecking teams Swishing threes and crushing dreams. Crossing up and ending careers Balling up for so many years. 44,45,46 we keep winning. After each game […]

In a few weeks my family and I are going to Seaside Florida. We’ve been there a few times before and we know where the fun places to go are. […]

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon my friend and I decided to go fishing at his grandpas pond. But before we could go, we had to go to basketball practice from […]

The Super Bowl is the most highly anticipated games in the history of football. Two of the best NFL teams battle it out on the gridiron to see who will […]

Swish! The ball goes through the net with a smooth and silky motion as your team charges at you like a pack of cheetahs chasing a gazelle. That is only […]

This past weekend was extremely long. I had a wrms basketball tournament on Saturday. I also had a choir audition on Saturday halfway through my tournament. After Saturday it was […]