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Review of Catching Fire by dtquibell on Youtube

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.

The book that I have finished reading is Catching Fire written by Suzanne Collins. The book is the second in the series The Hunger Games. This book, Catching Fire, Is based in the same place as the first book. Catching fire is a book about a government that doesn’t care about the citizens and hosts horrible events with the citizens as contestants. Katniss Everdeen made the Capitol (government) look foolish because of her actions. In return the Capitol decides to make her and the other winners of The Hunger a Games suffer, the Capitol decides to make another Hunger Games, but to his time, there is a twist. The contestants are from the pool of previous victors.

Throughout this new Hunger Games, there are many twists. The twists are very unfair for the contestants of this Hunger Games. Although people have been trying to hint Katniss to what the new arena would be, she just didn’t understand. The contestants are dying very fast. Some of the contestants have the idea of taking everyone else out, but instead this ends up making a lot more than that happen.

I really liked most of the characters in this book. Some of them were: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Finnick Odair. I liked Katniss because, well she’s the main character in the book. Why wouldn’t you like the main character? Anyways. I liked Peeta because he was really nice and whole-hearted. He always wanted to help weather he was wanted or not. And Finnick, I don’t know why, but I just like Finnick.


Photo by Jascha Huisman on Unsplash

Hi, my name is Sean and I love doing back flips.

I started doing back flips 2 years ago, in 2016. I got interested because I was watching a lot of youtubers that did a lot of cool flips in their videos. It took me about 3 months to learn the whole thing. I had to learn in different steps. Some of these steps were kind of silly looking.

The first step when learning to back flip is practicing how to get the jump properly. Most people think that the jump doesn’t matter that much, but it really does. If you do the jump in the back flip wrong you could land on your head and be injured severely, instead they think that leaning back is the most important part to give yourself backwards rotation. This is wrong.

The correct way to jump into a back flip is jumping straight up and launching your chest just below your head. After the jump, the next most important part is the tucking. Tucking is the most important part because, if you don’t tuck, then you will barely rotate, meaning that you might not make a full rotation and land.

I started first about 4 years ago. I loved playing on the trampoline. I loved doing back flips. That is when I decided I wanted to do a back flip on the real ground. First I practiced getting used to the motion of going backwards by, first practicing the way I would have to jump to start the back flip. Second by rolling over very fast backwards on the ground. The final thing that I did, was bring my mattress down stairs from my room, and try to flip on the mattress. I always had an audience because my family loved watching me “succeed” at doing back flips.

Finally, I was feeling cocky enough to try it on real ground, so the next day at school I tried to do a back flip on the spongy turf. To my surprise, I actually landed it. After that I was really cocky with doing flips, and I would in the school. Just to make sure I could still do them, I did one an hour ago, ALL good!