Before you just slide through this post like many others do when they see things about school. Just wait this one may have a lesson, and it’s may not. Depending on what you consider a “lesson”.

Now many of us don’t like school. People say it’s boring people say we’re not gonna use it in life. When you think about it we NEED school. Some people will say like ” Ya I don’t need school I know how to do everything I need”. That’s not true although there are something’s we don’t learn in school that we need such as how to pay taxes where to get insurance where to find a house and all that. Most of the stuff we need comes from school education. If we had no school there would be no jobs. No doctors no architects no engineers no teachers. Without doctors who will tell you how to fix your wound. Without architects we would have no buildings this world would be a giant wasteland or plain or desert. Without engineers we have no tools or transportation except walking we have no form of entertainment no phones no TV no cards no board games no iPad or computer for me to even tell you this.

School may seem boring but it WILL pay off when. Your able to get a job and actually be successful. We have everything we need from people who went to school and have been told how to do these things that have been passed on through generations of humans.

We NEED school no matter how boring.

CO2 Dragsters!!

Today in Tech Systems class we got an assignment to make CO2(Carbon Dioxide) Dragsters. To sum it up we have a block of balsa wood we cut it into a design, and launch it with CO2.

Its a little more complicated than you may think. Depending on who you are and how you think. So we have a big piece of graph paper and we make 4 small boxes. There we draw 4 thumbnail sketches technically 8, because one design needs a top and side view to view the majority of the dragster. Once we have the 4 thumbnail sketches we choose one, and draw top and side view with larger scale.

Onto building the car. We need to get the large scale drawing approved by the teacher first. Once we do we are handed: a block of balsa wood, instructions axels a CO 2 canister, and wheels. Then we have the small hand saws to cut the wood into the Desired shape of the car, but we leave place for the CO2 to be ignited.

Now launching the car. Can’t quite tell you about that yet. I might it another post.


SUSHI! It’s amazing. Some of the best (Japanese and  food in the world in my opinion. You can make so many kinds: Rolls, nigiri sashimi. I love all kinds. My favorite restaurant to eat sushi is Izumi Sushi. sushi-1102998_1280

UIL Band

UIL Band is in 4 days I think we are ready for this. There are two parts to the UIL.  There is  concert which we already had at Pre-UIL. Another one at the real UIL (same music), and then a piece we never played before.


Our concert music is 3 songs Crusade, Sakura and Activity March. Then the one UIL piece we have never played. I think it will be fun. I hope we get a 1st division. I think we are going to because so far all the music we play is easy, and the teacher said the music isn’t going to get any higher in difficulty. Some I’m pretty sure we will get a first division.


This is just a brief description of UIL I still don’t know the expectation so wish me luck.

My Aviation Interests

I have been talking with people about aviation to see if they can help me with some Tech Systems assignments. I was thinking to myself one day, “I have nothing to write about for a blog post, why not talk about aviation.”

So most of my Aviation knowledge is over WW2 planes like the North American P-51 Mustang and the German Luftwaffe Me209 which was used for speed records before the war. I also know some about Modern Day planes like commercial planes that we fly from airports, at least 1 military jet from most countries, and just planes that people fly for fun. I have been in multiple of each of these sections. I have been in North American WW2 Bombers at Airshows, I have been in the cockpit of an F-4 Phantom at Pearl Harbor. I have been in the usual 747 737 and 777 passenger planes, also when I went to pick up my cousins in Del Rio Halfway across the state I was in the Cockpit of a Cessna.

These are some of my flight experiences (most of them have just been in passenger planes) and I want to hear about yours. Do you have any in common with mine (besides passenger planes I think most of you have been on one, but maybe not) comment about them and how they are the same.

The Value of a Dollar

I decided to write about this topic because I got some money on Sunday for doing chores around the house. I am not gonna spend this money instantly like some people I know. I’m saving this money for things I really need.

By that I don’t mean like toys and coins at an arcade or something like that. I’m saving it for when I need food if i’m with a friend, or even if i’m not gonna use it in my childhood. I might save it for when I am an adult and I need it the most.

Now this seems like a short blog post and it is, but this was just a simple idea I came up with to write about. Now i’m wondering if you were given $1. What would you do with it, and why.

Pearl Harbor

READ: If you do not wish to hear about some war, do not read this post. There will not be much about the war (by war I mean the battles and blood explosions and death).


Pearl Harbor is located in Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu, in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is an active Navy base, and also houses Marines and Air force. WORLD WAR 2 HISTORY: It was by far the biggest Navy base in the Pacific during World War 2, but there may be an exception with the Bases in Japan. Overall out of the small island bases, Pearl Harbor was the biggest Naval base in World War 2. It housed 8 Battleships 3 Aircraft Carriers , 21 Cruisers, 13 Destroyers, and 12 submarines. Then there is the Air force base,and at the time (1941) when it was attacked, the Japanese planes (A6M type Zero, nicknamed the Zero) was superior to the American P-40 Warhawk, which was the main plane stationed there, With the thought of the attack being sabotage, the commanders ordered the men to move the planes closer together, but the problem with that was when the air attack came, the planes were so close together and if one goes down, the whole row goes.

After the attack the Japanese leader and Roosevelt said there famous words. Commander Tojo (leader of the Japanese Military): I fear we have only awakened a sleeping giant, and filled it with a terrible resolve. President Franklin Roosevelt: Yesterday December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, The United States of America has been suddenly and deliberately attack on the Island of Oahu by the Empire of Japan. We will not let this go easily, we will strike back, and show them what they have awakened.


I got most of my information from a report I did in 5th grade and I referred back to that report and my other sources such as

This Semester

This semester has been good so far. I have gotten better grades, and the classes have actually been easier than last semester. I also have a different class.

My Texas History class is easy now because we are learning something I know a ton about which is The Texas Revolution.  I have gotten higher than 90 on all the Learning Checks and Quizes. In my math class I’m doing better than last semester. I just had a test today I think I did pretty good, and my grades are decent in science.

Science though is no where near my favorite class, and I’m not doing very well: I have a low B, and I am not doing well on the tests and quizes. Then there is Spanish, I am actually doing very well. I would be fluent in Spanish AND English, but when I was little but my mom wanted me to speak English. I had an exam today and I think I did well, and I haven’t gotten anything lower than an 87 on a quiz or test.

In band which I have after Spanish I am doing pretty good. I got a 100 on my last playing test yesterday, and we have UIL stuff soon. I have tech systems next, and we haven’t done much. We are doing this orientation thing on synergy. Next is English which I am in currently. I think I’m doing good I haven’t checked my grades. We are also reading Phantom of the Opera, which I think is a really good play it’s very interesting.

This is a explanation of my semester have anything to say comment about it.

My Holiday Break

READ: Here I do not talk about any of the presents I got, my family or Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Morning


My Holiday Break was very exciting the first 2 days then very restful last week and a half little over that. It was filled with decorating finding the right Christmas tree I made this huge gingerbread house I went to New York.

There was getting the Tree which was fun and setting up the decorations. The decorations very old my family has had them for 30 year. I have these reindeer that are very fragile because there so old and these giant santa like people that nobody I know has them and these Classic Nutcrackers.

I have a todempole (I think that is how you spell it) a soldier that has a house 3 bear nutcrackers two trumpet holding nutcrackers and 1 Santa nutcracker that sits on the top of the shelf with 2 elves. My Christmas tree is always too tall this year it was 11 feet I haven’t had a star on the tree in 8 years It was always too tall. This year for Christmas I have cats they like to play with the tree all the time but they get in trouble for it.

After Christmas was over I went to New York City the day after and stayed until December 30th just in time for New Years, BUT I couldn’t spend New Years Day like I wanted Because when my family and I were in New York my mom got sick. When we got back she was fine but then I got sick it lasted for 3 days BUT now my sister is sick and then my dad may get sick.

Any who that was my Winter break have anything to say comment about it.

My weekend

My weekend was amazing. Last week I went hunting, and got to spend time with my cousins. It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. I got to spend it with my cousins and friends.


On Friday my cousins got at my house at like 10 PM they left at six o’clock. They live in Del Rio so it takes them a while to get here. When they got here they had all there hunting equipment ready, which was mainly just a backpack with there clothes and two rifle .243 caliber and .270 caliber.

We left the next morning at 2:45 AM and it took us about half an hour to get there so we arrived at 3:15. We got to the deer stands about 3:30 AM and waited for about 3 hours until we saw a deer. We didn’t shoot it because it was too small. Then soon the deer feeder went off and deer came running in. Yet they were all two small to shoot. Although about 30 minutes after the deer feeder went off I heard my cousins .270 rifle go off in a distance from another stand and after that I new we only have 30 minutes to find a deer until we need to leave. Those 30 minutes past and we had no shooter. So we left and went back to my dads ranch.

We were back at my dads ranch. We went ahead and gutted the deer my cousin shot and then we went to a lake and did some target practice. Shortly after we went to Hudson’s Meats to get the deer meat processed then we went home.

This weekend was amazing and I hope I can have another one like this again. I will defenitley write about something this again.