Bharathanatyam Dance

There is a certain way to learn the art of Bharathantyam. There are certain things that you must start with and then progress your way up. If you don’t follow this order, it will be very hard to go higher. There are four aspects to a good dancer. Abhinaya, stamina, ability to understand what you are conveying to the audience, and posture. There are other aspects as well ,but I think that these are the four that are the main.

Abhinaya is the telling of a story. There are many items that mainly have Abhinaya. It is acting as a different person to tell the audience a story using facial expressions, gestures, and motions. There are dancers who get immersed in conveying a story using themselves. You have to understand thoroughly what you are telling ,so that your expressions can be more accurate. This will help the audience understand better. Many dancers can make the audience cry or laugh cause of how well they show what is happening in the story. You don’t learn this in the beginning ,but after a while. It gets better and better as you practice. Abhinaya is something that takes a lot of practice to get right.

Posture is another key thing. If you do not have the right posture your dance will lose a major part. You must have right aaramandie. You should always have your back straight throughout the whole dance. Posture makes everything better. It will help you not get tired faster and will make the dance presentable. It also helps with Abhinaya. Changing the way you posture is can change what you are telling to the audience. If you crouch it could mean that you are old or if you bent a little back from your normal straight back position it can look like strength or veeram. Posture is another key in dancing.

Stamina is another one. When you start learning dance you will have to learn a series of steps called adavus. They helps get posture and stamina. You do the step in three speeds. It an be the simplest thing, but if you do it with proper posture, it can be a bit hard. Soon you will get better and better which means your stamina is increasing. As you do more Arden and complex steps such as steps you do in the Varnam, it can get difficult due to the speed. Aaramandie is one thing that can make it hard. With practicing aaramandie and posture your stamina increases. It can be very hard at the beginning, but by practicing over and over again it can make it easier.

There are many different Indian classical dances. All of them need these basic skills. It can be very hard, but by doing it many times you can keep perfecting it. Practicing will get you to be the best.

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  1. This is a very detailed post. You did a great job explaining the key dance techniques. I really enjoyed reading this post!

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