Tips to Survive 7th Grade

7th grade wasn’t bad at all in fact it was pretty good and easy. Though it can be hard if you don’t do some things that’s why I’m going to be giving you advice to survive 7th grade:

If you’re someone who forgets to do their homework then you could get a planner and write it down or you can type it in the reminders app on your    I-Pad and if you’re someone who doesn’t touch their I-Pad at home then type on a device that you do use like your phone. Also do your homework but turn it in on time. Don’t forget it at home. I would recommend doing your homework at WCT and if you don’t finish do it as soon as you get home so you don’t forget.


if you now you are going to have a test this week then study for it! You can make flashcards or you can do a Quizlet if your teacher has one. Quizlets are very helpful but don’t depend on them, actually know the material don’t just memorize the answers of the questions.


If you miss school you have make up work which can sometimes be hard to catch up to with your current homework. I do understand that some of you have braces I do too. Having braces means orthodontist appointments so i guess you can’t do anything about that.


4) ENJOY IT!!!
Lastly enjoy the school year and have fun. Don’t think how may days you have left instead make them great.


When the sun is at its full brightness

and school is out. I can see kids rushing to their buses as I

search for my dad’s car. On our way we face traffic

which tells me it’s going to take while to get

to our destination. When I get home

after a long tired day I can

smell the aroma of the delicious food

that is almost ready. When the weight on my shoulders,

 my backpack has finally been set down I know that

another great day is already gone. I can hear

myself laughing when I watch

my favorite tv show. All my stress flys away

   as I finish the last question on my homework.

Now it’s time for bed which marks

the start of a whole new day again.

The Tiger

  It’s body was striped

  And dark orange

  And very soft

  And as it pounced at its pray

  Which now was shaking on

  The ground to its death

  And I saw red blood all over

   Its mouth

  Suddenly it turned around

  And looked right into

   My eyes

   And roared loud

   Its roar echoed in my ear

   As I shock with fear

   Dark orange, very soft


         Rasputin R.I.P.Creative Commons License Günter Hentschel via Compfight

inspired by The Shark by Edwin John Pratt

Who is she?

She’s a swimmer says the bag with a kick board and flippers.

She used to do tae kwon do say the belts and certificates.

She loves Netflix says her battery usage on her I pad .

She likes to play board games say the board game boxes under her bed.

She likes to play the piano says the keyboard in her room.

She likes to collect hotel cards says the stack of cards on her shelf.

She’s photogenic says the camera with tons of her pictures.

She loves to travel say all the souvenirs from all around the world.

She plays the flute says the empty flute case in her room.

She likes the guitar says the guitar sitting on its guitar stand.

She dances says the videos of her dance recital.

She loves chocolate says the jar filled with different types of chocolate candies.

She is shopaholic says the empty shopping bags in her room.


inspired by Abandoned Farmhouse by Ted Kooser

The Beach

As soon as I reached the beach I looked out to see little kids

splashing water at each other, families building sand castles. I could hear the

waves hitting big rocks , in some areas I could hear

peaceful silence. I can smell the fresh tropical breeze as it goes right past

me. I can feel the sun’s ray hitting me, I can touch the little

seashells hidden in the sand. I can see my family rushing to the water like

cars starting to race down the road when the signal light is green.

Here I feel relaxed and happy. I make amazing new memories here.

If I go deep under I can see many different colorful fish.

Time goes by so fast that when it’s time to leave I feel sad but I know

that I had lots of fun.

Chris Ford via Compfight'Turquoise Crescent', Portugal, The Alrgarve, Lagos, Praia Dona Ana Chris Ford via Compfight



Summer 2016

This summer I am going to New Jersey and my family and I are taking a cruise from there called called Anthem of The Sea, which I’m very excited about.

The cruise is 9 days long and there are 3 days on land and the rest are on sea. The cruise starts on June 2nd. The only bad part is that my parents aren’t coming. Also with my family 3 other families are coming. I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know if I’m responsible enough to take care of myself, but hopefully this trip will make me more responsible so I don’t depend on my mom as much. I’m on the cruise there are bumper cars and there’s a skating rink. Also there’s also a little ride that gives you the view of the ship. After the cruise we’re going to go to New Jersey and stay there a couple days.

When I come back to Austin, I’m going to a Selena Gomez concert. This will be my first concert, which I’m very excited for. Anyway I’m overall very excited for this summer.


Colorado is an amazing place and I think I’ve been there 3 times. When my family and I went there it was snowing a lot. We flew there. There we rented a log house which I loved. There was a hot tube, grand piano, game room, mainly it was very big so we had a lot of room.

The first day  we just enjoyed the house and relaxed. The next day we played in the snow and went skiing and snow tubing. My grandparents stayed home cause they have a hard time walking a lot. I thought it was very fun except the part where my toes and fingers froze. Since I hadn’t skied for a long time I started low and kept improving. Twice my cousin couldn’t stop his skies and fell on me.

Later before we went home we would stop at the market to get grocerys. Then, when we would get home we would cook something. The kids would just relax and watch TV and go in the hot tube after a cold tiring day. We drove to close by towns and did similar activities and enjoyed the scenic view. We also went snowmobiling which I’ve done before just behind my mom. This time I got to go alone so it was a different experience.

After 4 days on the last day we went to the Denver Zoo. It had a various animals. Next stop was the airport where our amazing trip had to end but it was fun and I look forward to going again.

Why traveling with family is good?

 Everybody is searching for plane tickets or hotels trying to plan a perfect trip. I love family trips they are very fun, but sometimes with my family you don’t get to explore as much. Still I’d rather go on a family trip than just me and my parents.

Mostly when I was little I would always go on family trips. I enjoyed them because I would have my cousins who keep multiplying for company to play with and talk to.

We travel a lot and in the past couple years I’ve gone on trips with just my parents. It’s fun too but since I’m an only child I get bored. The rest of the family keeps delaying the plan so we end up making our own plan. Which is one of the bad parts. In the family there is 16 people counting my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We all get ready at different times and they take a long time eating so we leave the hotel very late and don’t get much exploring time. Which is the other bad part.

Even planes are fun with family. Also car trips. With all my experience my family trips have been more fun but my parents trips have been more exploring. Overall enjoy the trips with your family, parents, or friends.

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Monster Trucks

Since it was a long weekend my family and I decided to go to a Monster Truck show. I’m not really into cars but it was a different experience.

I am not sure where exactly the show was but it was somewhere outside of Austin at a place called Expo. It took us about a hour and a half to get there. I got really bored on the way there and the way back. At least I had my cousins for company.

When we got there it was really cold outside. I saw a big glass dome where the show was going to be held. I thought it looked pretty cool. Finally the show was about to start. I saw that people started wearing ear muffs. I started wondering why? One by one the monster trucks started their engines. Then I realized why people started wearing ear muffs.

The trucks were so loud. All I could hear was a long beep for a while. Quickly I looked at the truck names. Big Foot, Outlaw, Illuminator, Thunder Chicken, Rat Attack. First the trucks made a round and on the second round they slowed down and went backwards and went up a sand ramp. They jumped in the air. After the trucks had small races. My family and I thought Big Foot was the best. We thought it was just a Monster Truck show but mini vans and small jeeps came out and did a similar sequence as the big trucks. A mini van got stuck in the dirt halfway. After small cars had battles they crashed into each other. Some of the cars broke down. Later monster trucks went over small cars and crushed them. Outlaw’s front tire came off while landing after crushing the cars. I thought that was the best part.

Sadly the show was over but I enjoyed it.

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Hours of tv watched in the US

I know most of us love watching television, so here are some facts on how much tv the US watches.

Did you know that most Americans watch 5-6 hours of tv each day. I know when you watch tv you don’t realize how many hours just pass by. So you watch about 35 hours of tv each week! It keeps increasing every year. An average person spends about 9 years watching tv in its lifetime. Mostly kids and teens watch less tv than adults. 70% of kids have a tv in their room. If people aren’t watching TV then they are on some other electronic.

I watch a lot tv mostly over the breaks. It’s bad but I have nothing else to do. That’s why I like going out of town on holidays so I don’t watch as much.

I still think that people should give their minds a break from electronics. Comment your opinion.