An Open Letter to Beginning Swimmers

Dear all new incoming swimmers. Swimming is harder than you think. It takes time commitment, and hard work to master swimming. You would think that it would be easy to just jump into a pool, move your arms and legs and hope that you will move. But it’s NOT!

Swimming takes time and patience to master all the strokes, and for them to be perfect. One example is Michael Phelps who started swimming when he was 7 years old and won his first medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. There is also one more thing that is crucial for swimming and that is determination. You have to be determined to make it to every practice and every dry land in order to be successful. You have to be determined to master the strokes. You have to be determined to try your best every day. You have to be determined to suffer through the pain of every hard practice that the coach throws at you. No matter how you feel you have to be determined to finish.

Swimming is not just a muscle sport: it is also a mind game. If your mind is set on something that is negative then you will not succeed at what you want to accomplish, but If your mind is set on doing something that is good and positive that you want to accomplish then you will succeed. Before every race you should think about what you want your race to look like. Think about how you want every turn to be perfect and every stroke that you take to be precise. Think about how you want to pace the race. Do you want to start fast and maintain the speed, or do you want to start out at a smooth pace and then gradually get faster. There are different option to choose from, but which ever you think is right then choose that one.

Swimming is a test of how well can you handle the pain from every practice. Some days where you feel like you literally just can’t move to the days where you can do anything you want, or the 5am morning practices, or the countless hours that you have spent at practices and at meets, but it in the end it all pays off during your race. Each race is different: one can be terrible and one can be amazing you just never know. The best thing about swimming is that each meet and each race brings new excitements. Every meet you always have the close races, the personal best times, and the thrill of racing. At the end of every meet there is always something good that you did, whether it was learning what your stroke count was or finding out that butterfly is the hardest stroke. Every great swimmer finds the great things at each meet and improves on that.

Swimming takes effort and determination. Don’t give up when you have not dropped time in 3 meets its OK. Just keep doing your best at every practice and don’t give up.

The San Francisco Giants Season So Far

It’s been a rough start to the Giants season so far. They are currently at 6-10. One of the reasons why they are not doing so good is their pitching. One of their star pitchers, Madison Bumgarner has not won a game yet. Another reason is their injurys.

Last year Madison Bumgarner has a very dominate season with winning 15 games and only loosing 5. This year is different. He hasn’t won a single game and he is not confident in his pitches. Sometimes he will have some good innings and then others he will give up 3 runs. On the other hand Johnny Cueto has won every game the he has been in. He has been by far the best Giants starting pitcher so far this season.

One of the pitchers that has really stepped up the season is Matt Cain. His last outing he went 8 innings with 1 run and 4 hits. That was his best game of the season so far. The Giants really needed him to step up as the last starting pitcher. Another pitcher that the Giants were hoping to get better war Matt More from the Miami Marlins. They signed him on a three year contract deal worth 8 million dollars. So far he has gone 2-1. They need him to be on his best game this year.

The last reason why the Giants are struggling is their injurys. On Opening Day their catcher Buster Posey got hit in a head by a 94 mph fastball. He left the game and was placed on the 7 day concussion protocol list.

Hopefully the Giants can play better and try to win another World Series. In order to do that the need to play their best baseball and try to avoid injuries.

The NBA Playoffs


Its almost here. The NBA playoffs are going to start on April 15th. There are lots of teams trying to have a chance of playing. One of the teams are the Indiana Pacers which are 3 games back from the Celtics. Another team in the Golden State Warriors which have already have a playoff spot locked in.

The Pacers are 45 and 37 on the year and are on a 3 game winning streak. For the Pacers to get into the playoffs they need to gain 3 games on the Hornets and the Celtics. One of the players that I think need to step up is Paul George, the forward for the Indiana Pacers,. The beginning of the season was good but then towards the end he aphasia been off of his game, so in order for the Pacers to make a playoff run Paul George needs to step up and play his best basketball.


Now lets talk talk about the teams that have already made the playoffs and how they can win it all. The Golden State Warriors have won the most games this season out of the whole league. Their record is 65-14. This would be the 4 th year in a row for them to make the playoffs. Right now the Warriors are on a 13 game winning streak with Steph Curry shooting a season high 46%. Klay Thompson also is shooting a great field goal percentage at 45%. Both of those players need to be at their best for the playoffs. Kevin Durant has been injured for almost a month now and is scheduled to play on saterday against the Pelicans. He has been practicing with them but has not played a game yet. If the Warriors want to make a playoff run they will need Kevin Durant to be at his best.


There you go 1 team that has a chance to make it to the playoffs and another’s team that is looking to win the championship game. Only one team will win. Who do you think will win the NBA championship?

Giants Spring Training Overview


Its finally here, Spring Traning. Every single team has been waiting for the first game of the MLB season. The Giants have made some big changes to their lineups during the offseason, by adding new third baseman and a new left fielder. Spring Training is all about trying to find who is a good player to add to the team, and that’s just what the Giants did.

In the first three Spring Training games they went 3-0. In those three games they had 3 homeruns(one in each game). Their batting has had a good improvement since the playoffs in October, where they lost the the Cubs in 4 games. With the three big new signings that the Giants had they also had some smaller signings that went straight to their “farming” facility in Sacramento. In the first 3 games the Giants tried to mix in players that were in Sacramento into the lineup.

That proved to pay off big in the outcomes of all 3 games. The third game was against the Cubs, which was a really good game because of two things. One: both teams pitching was amazing for a Spring Training game. Two: the Giants defense was outstanding, because of Brandon Crawford, their shortstop, and their first baseman, Brandon Belt. Meanwhile the Giants are still trying to find someone who can be their left fielder. Through out the whole offseason the Giants tried to find on but they just couldn’t. One left fielder is Jarrett Parker who has so far been really good, but he is still young and needs some work.

One big chance in the lineup that the Giants made was signing a new catcher Nick Hundly from the Colorado Rockies. He had a great season last year, with 26 homeruns and 67 RBI’s(runs batted in). The next one is a pitching staff change. They brought in a reliever from the Washington Nationals, Mark Melancon,. The Giants desperately need a new reliever to replace Sergio Romo, who cost the Giants game 4 of the NLDS against the Cubs.  The last change that the Giants made was to their defence. They added Eduardo Nunez from the Twins. The Giants are hoping for a very good season from Nunez.

So far they have gotten off the a good start by adding new players from their catcher to the third baseman. Let’s hope that the Giants can have another great season and win the World Series for the 5th time.

Our Spring Break Trip

This year we are going somewhere different f0r spring break than we usually go. Usually we go to Colorado to ski but this year instead of skiing we are going to Florida to spend some time a the beach.

We wil leave on the Saturday (the day after we get out form school) and fly to Jacksonville. Then from there we will drive to a small beach on an island. This is the first time that We will go there. According to all of the pictures that we have seen the sand is supose to be all white. My mom said that there will be lots of shells on the beach. My sister really wants to find a sand dollar.

On the second day my dad and I are going to go fishing. The hotel is providing us with bait and a reel for us. I cant wait! Since my mom and my sister don’t really like to go fishing they are going to spend the day at the beach. Usually when we go fishing in florida we catch red snappers every single time. After the fishing we are going to stay at the beach for the whole time.

I can’t wait until spring break! The only bad thing is that after spring break we have to do the long and very very boring STAAR tests. Thanks for reading and come back and visit my blog post again.


Why Lebron James is Overated

“Five…Four…..Three…..Two he shots, and misses! The game is over!” Lebron James is way too overated.

First of all Lebron is trying the be the Steph Curry. But he just can’t. He always try’s every single game to shot three pointers, and sometimes he does make them, but usually he doesn’t. Every single game if you watch Lebron he will take at least 10 steps when he try’s to pivot, and the refs never call it.

Second, Lebr0n always thinks that he is so good at everything,and he always falls when someone just nudges him and then he makes a HUGE deal about it,but the refs always call that a foul. In addition to all of those missed calls by the refs there is one more thing that makes Lebron james so overated.

All of the social media that he gets. If you search up ESPN I bet that you will find the top headline is of Lebron James. Always it willl be how he had an amazing game, and really he only had about 10 points and no assists. I hate how the writes always write about him having a really good game and he just doesn’t.

Well there you go 3 mine reasons why Lebron James is so overated. I just wish someone else could be the next great basketball star. Thanks for reading and come back again!

The Final Game


It all comes down to this! It’s the last game of the NFL season. The number one seed, The New England Patriots will face the number two seed, the Atlanta Falcons. The game will be played in Houston Texas.

The Patriots have the best quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady, but the falcons have the most explosive offense, with Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. Last week the Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers in a blowout win. They won 44 to 21. Meanwhile the Patriots beat the Steelers 36 to 17. The Falcons don’t have the best defense but their offense is one of the best in the NFL. The Patriots have a good defense and an amazing offense. I think that the Patriots will win this game because the Falcons will not be able to stop Tom Brady and their offense, but the Patriots defense will not stop Devontae Freeman. I think that he will get over 150 rushing yards. The final score will be the Patriots 26 and the Falcons 20.

On of the highlights of every super is the Halftime show which Lady Gaga will be performing. I just hope the Super Bowl will be more interesting than last years. Let’s hope for the best for the Patriots!

The NFL Playoffs

Its down to the final 8 teams in the NFL. The Packers play the Cowboys, and the Falcons play the Seahawks. Those are the two games in the NFC. The two games in the AFC are the Texans play the Patriots , and the Steelers play the Chiefs.

The two NFC games I think are going to be the most interesting ones because all four of the teams have a chance of getting into the championship game. Let’s take a look at the Packers Cowboys game. The Packers are coming in the hottest team in the NFL. Meanwhile the Cowboys have the two best rookies in the NFL. I think that the Cowboys will win because the Packers have no run defense to stop Ezekiel Elliott.

Now for the Falcons and the Seahawks. The Seahawks have probably the best defense in the NFL right now but the Falcons have the most explosive offense. So it should be a good game. I am gong to pick the Seahawks

Ok here we go the most exciting game of the weekend is the Patriots and the Texans. The Patriots should dominate this game, and win it by more than 15 points.

The last game that I will be telling you about is the Steelers and the Chiefs. This game along with the Packers and Cowboys game should be the two closest games of the weekend. In this game I’m going to pick the Steeers because they have Le’Voen Bell and Antonio brown which are the two most amazing two players.

So there you go my picks for all four of the games. I hoped that you liked reading my blog post and come and visit me again!


My Exciting Weekend

This weekend I have a big swim meet. It is the 4 meet of the season and the biggest one yet. It is a prelims finals meet which means that you have to swim in the morning and if you make the top 24th you will come back and swim in the evening.

We have been preparing for the past month and a half. All of the practices have been harder that usuall, and our coach is making sure that we know what we are doing in order to do well at the meet. There are going to me over 700 swimmers and more than 7 teams. Lucky for us we are hosting the meet.

Wish we luck. I am going to the swim center right after school to get ready for my race.

The Race

The race

BANG! It went off as loud as an F1 car roaring down the track.
I dove in head first, gliding through the water,
Like a sailfish
I could feel the cold water rushing down my body.
It was the final race of the meet
All odds on me
I couldn’t

I was at the last turn
And every inch of my body hurt
I was falling behind with each stroke I took,
I could see the boys inching ahead of me,
I didn’t want to lose, I didn’t give up, I didn’t lose any confidence.
It was the last five meters, everything came down to this.
It was the best 5 meters of my life


BANG! All of the times popped up on the board, all at once.
And before I knew it I was standing on the podium,
It was the best feeling ever.




I rearranged this poem by just moving the words from the center of the page to the left side of the page. I did that because I wanted the poem to get smaller and smaller and then bigger and bigger towards the end, but it did not work out I wanted my readers to feel the excitement about a race important or not important. I wanted to use some repetition to emphasize the importance of the race, and I think it worked out really well.