Between The Shades Of Grey, By Ruta Sepety

In “Between The Shades Of Grey”, the setting in in a camp with small cabins, with small straw beds inside. Lina, her mom, and her brother have to work for people because they got taken from their house and separated from their dad.

When Lina’s family was living happily in their home, some NKVD officers took them. The officers put them on a very long 6 week train ride with no food, and only some rain water when it rained. When it was over, everyone got sent to very small cabins with straw beds and has to work for people. They only got a small bit of bread when they worked all day. The officers we’re mean and hard on them and spoke German. The people working would get killed if they misbehave.

What I love about this book is that Lina’s family stayed strong and smart. They made friends, helped each other out, and celebrated together on holidays. Lina mom was very giving and caring. She helped everyone and shared her food and goods she got. I don’t like the NKVD officers. They didn’t care about anyone, and made people work on holidays. They didn’t hesitate to kill anyone who did anything wrong.

I think this book is really interesting and entertaining to read and I recommend it.

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This video is very informative. It is by 60 second book review. It explains great little details of the book and helps understand it.


My Gymnastics Life


I was about 7 when I started gymnastics. I went to a class with two of my friends once a week, and I loved it. I did that class until it ended, and then forgot about gymnastics for a while. When I hit fourth grade, I wanted to try and start again. My mom got a trampoline for the backyard where I could practice.My sister and I would go out there a lot and teach ourselves basic stuff. For example, we taught ourselves backbends, backbend kick over, ect.

To learn all the basics, that took me about a year. I was 5th grade when I thought I should work on my flexibility more. Every night before bed I would stretch for thirty minutes to an hour and try to learn the splits. I got it in the summer before sixth grade started.

When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to try a class again. After a while of doing it, I didn’t like it. They didn’t teach me what I needed to be taught. When that class ended I decided to quit and teach myself again.

I went on and taught myself a back handspring, back tuck, round off backhand spring, ect. I still stretch every night when I can, and work out in my garage to get stronger to do more challenging skills.

Now I’m in 7th grade and in a gymnastics class that is great and pushes me to my limits and teaches me well. Gymnastics is my favorite sport and I do it everyday on my trampoline and gymnastics class.

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