September 13

Micheal Vey (Book 2)

Micheal the main character of the book, has escaped from the clutches of Elgen, a undercover company that plans to rule the world.  But he still needs to save his mother.  Micheal and his friends(the elctroclan) invade the attempts to capture them narrowly, before figuring out where Micheal’s mother is-another country. Grace, one of the loyal Elgens, ends up helping them, getting information. A strange voice, helping them is either a ally or a enemy. Meanwhile, the rest of the electric children-the bad ones, are with Hatch, the main villain. They are yet to be convinced they are not eagles, rather chickens with some powers. Arrogant in their abilities to rule the world. (An analogy that is only in the book] Traveling distances, narrowly escaping, and several acts that almost get them killed. Can Micheal get to his mother? Or will he perish, get captured, or will he agree to join the bad guys?

September 11

How to Draw (My Art Style)

1) Start off with a circle, that’s the support shape for the head.


2) Sketch out the eyes, not too big, not too far apart, and not too close.

3) Sketch out the nose and mouth shape, get started on the bangs of the guy.

4) Draw the top part of the hair, this guy’s hair is fluffy.

5) Add the shirt and shoulder, don’t make too much wrinkles!


Thank you for reading! If you use this, just use the tag #Cross

September 11

Drawing #1

Photo by Thor Alvis on Unsplash CCo

This is a drawing of a eastern dragon. The eastern dragon is one of my favorites mythical animals because of it’s long snake like body. Instead of having scales of the neck, it’s almost like a horse. They don’t have legs, only arms. They can fly due to the fact that they can’t walk, and because I don’t know.