The Reasons of The Great War | Part 1

The Great War was huge disaster. It killed millions and brought the world into the modern age. It was the war to end all wars. But how did it start? Well that is a VERY long story, but here it is:

It had been pretty peaceful for one hundred years. There were wars, but none so big as te Napoleonic Wars. The European powers decided to create a syestem called the Concert of Europe. It was basically something like the United Nations right now. It meant to stop something like the Napoleonic Wars from happening. It was meant to balance power and to compromise when needed.

Germany had been assembled from many smaller German states to create a superpower. It had been formed in little time and was EXTREMELY strong. they had many natural resources, lots of manpower, and a strong economy. For years the French had been considered the strongest on mainland Europe. Now there was a stronger one, younger, but stronger. After the victory of the German Federation during the Franco-Prussian, all German states were unified. But even with all this power, Germany was not treated like other powers in the European and World stage, just because it was a new state.

This was just the beginning. Part 2 will come soon.

Sources: Wikipedia, World War I: The Seminal Tragedy, and my own understanding.

The Syrian Civil War Cont.

Well, now that we got the sides over with let’s move on to how.

How exactly did ISIS form? Long story: During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan the U.S. decided to arm guerilla fighters against the Soviets. Those fighters were called the Mujahideen. They came from the central parts of the Middle East. There were two people that were in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The two never along.

Once the USSR pulled out of Afghanistan and the U.S. had funded them and gave them weapons, the Mujahideen fighters went back into the central are of the Middle East. Both Zarqawi and Bin Laden make their own militant groups. Bin laden forms a network with the fighters. Zarqawi’s group fizzes out.

Both men return to Afghanistan while the Taliban ruled. In 2001 September 11, Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda attacks the U.S.A. with planes from his base in Afghanistan. The U.S. therefore invades Afghanistan because of the Taliban rule and to capture and kill Bin Laden. Laden flees to Pakistan (and is later killed in 2011). Zarqawi flees to a corner in Iraq.

In 2003 a big decision came from the United States. They invaded the dictatorship of Iraq under the rule of Saddam Hussein. (I think I will make a different post(s) about that) The U.S. disbanded the Iraqi military and jobless and angry soldiers join the Sunni Insurgency. Seeing a repeat of the Afghan invasion by the Soviets, more Sunni muslims join the group, including Zarqawi. This sparks a civil war in Iraq. Zarqawi specifically targets Shia muslims. Al-Qaeda weaker at the moment, decides to try to make an alliance with Zarqawi’s group. The group is now called AQI, or Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraqi Sunnis rise up against Zarqawi and is killed by an American airstrike.

In 2011, the Arab Spring spreads across the Middle East, and Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad strikes back at protesters which become the rebels in the newly started civil war. Assad is worried that nations will intervene so he releases Jihadists in Syrian provinces making it harder for other countries to back. After the seemingly stable government, the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, which creates a power vacuum.

The remains of Zarqawi’s group is still allied with al-Qaeda, but is now named the Islamic State in Iraq, which is now ruled by religious scholar Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (I know, so many ‘al’s). In 2012, Baghdadi sends a deputy named Jabhat al-Nusra to create another al-Qaeda branch. Baghdadi then attacks prisons across Iraq, releasing Jihadist prisoners and recruits new Jihadists making ISI stronger. In 2013, Baghdadi announced that he is taking control of all al-Qaeda allied groups in Iraq and Syria making ISI become the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria hence the name ISIS. Al-Qaeda rejects the attempt to get acquire more power and exiles in 2014.

ISIS grows in Syria and Assad does not put up to the group as much, as he knows that it will make international powers focus on ISIS and not on him and it divides his enemies.

With ISIS growing immensely powerful, they invade more parts of weakened Iraq, particularly in the northern areas. Sunnis were tired of the Shia and authoritarian government, and they welcome or are ok with ISIS taking over. ISIS had 2/3 of the Iraq and a large part of Syria.

The goal of ISIS is to revive the Caliphate and become a global empire. ISIS has also launched terror attacks across the world in an effort to scare strong nations. Many people are joining, but ISIS is slowly dwindling down. Even though ISIS may be defeated, it may take decades to rid the Middle East of corruption and conflict. The power vacuum will be large and the effect of ISIS would still be there and there would be no way to fully crack down on rebels or militant groups and people would still have wars. It may never recover.

Thank you for reading!

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube, and my understanding.

Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Civil War was a war that was started in 2011, in which it was started from the unrest of the Arab Spring. There are 4 factions:

  1. The Syrian Government backed by the Russian Federation
  2. The Syrian Rebels backed by the U.S.
  3. The Kurdish Rebels backed by the U.S.
  4. ISIS or ISIL

All of these nations are fighting for ground in Syria. As the rioted against the authoritarian Bashar Al-Assad regime.

Another reason for the war is the power vacuum left in Iraq after the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 to take Saddam Hussein out of power. After taking him out, there was no regional government, so when the U.S. left, it was chaos. Taking advantage of this, The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant rose to power in the North and Central regions of Iraq.

The Kurdish Rebels want land in the area of “Kurdistan”. The U.S. arms them as the are important in the fight against ISIS, but also against the Assad Regime. One of the problems is that the Kurdish forces also attack the Turkish Armed Forces, which is our biggest ally in the fight.

The Syrian Rebels did not want an Authoritarian government so they began to riot, protest, and even have armed conflicts.

I will post more on this topic in the time coming. Thank you!



AtWar–the best free war game online. In my opinion it is one of the–if not the–greatest game for war simulation on the huge war simulator market. The fact that it is free makes it even better.

The game is pretty simple. You go to the website, sign in (you could also play as a guest),  go to ‘Online’ (or tutorial) and start playing. You then (once in a match) pick a strategy for bonuses and choose a country (Large ones like China, Russia, and America have been broken up) and then buy units and start dragging them onto other countries (neutrals or enemies). Enemies will try to take your capital, and vice versa. Neutrals will not try to invade you. If you win the objective, the losing player is out and you play with the rest of the players. Make sure not to go bankrupt.

You can get more strategies, unit types or unit boosts. The higher the rank, the more power you have. With these you can defeat your opponents easier, and you can challenge yourself by playing more economically fragile and weak nations. One thing to try is to stab your teammate in the back (break the alliance then declare war next turn).

I really want to try using Texas as a nation, but sadly I keep on forgetting. The best nation for starters would probably be France, as it is very good economically, very well positioned, many cities, already has a not bad military. I choose to use slightly harder (harder, not hard) like Ukraine, Austria, Turkey. So far I have won except–I beleive it is–two games.

My account name is Ttfno123 and I hope for you to go check it out. Good luck conquering!

Homework or No Homework

Ugh, more homework? Homework can be very important, but has been proven to be bad too. Lets take a look.

Homework is review. Homework reviews subjects that you learned at school. Instead of studying, homework makes the student study instead of procrastinating. Using consequences to make kids do their homework, it makes sure the student gets a review of the class.

Homework also helps students work independently and use sources (e.g. Google, textbooks, notes) to complete it. Doing homework gets students ready for college and for a job, as there will be minimal people to help the student. As using sources and being independent will help students’ life skill.

There are many other reasons of why homework is important to have, but I will not get into those today. One misconception is that there should be lots of homework for the student. There should be very little homework, as too much homework will lead to stress and less time for the student to do other activities.

Suprisingly Finland has virtually no homework,  kids start school at age 7, the school days are shorter and yet the country is one of the top (just behind The Republic of Korea) countries for education. They have very good results in school. They also encourage to go outside to play sports and games. So may less studying help?

I believe that homework should be given minimally only to review the lesson. The reason why homework should still exist—in my opinion—is because if there was no homework, then kids would abuse the fact that they do not have to study. I feel without much homework kids would be less stressful in High School and more time into having fun. That is my view on homework. Thank you for reading.




Orchestra UIL

This week in Orchestra, we are doing chair tests.

The Viola chair test was on Feb. 1 and the Cello’s chair test was on Feb. 2 and the Second Violin is Today, or Feb. 3. It was pretty good. I think I will get a high chair. I didn’t mess up, or at least not humongously as I might have sped up a little bit. My intonation was not bad, my bowing was also no bad, so I think that I will get a good chair.  My goal is to get at least 5th chair. I think I am 3rd chair worthy!

I think I will just have to wait and see. I can not wait for the results!

Officially President!

Well, Donnie Trumpo is Presidento. Fun. Lets see how that plays out. His inauguration was on Friday.

On Friday, Donald J. Trump officially became president. He is already starting on filling out paperwork so he can hand over his buisness to someone else. It is so he can focus more on being POTUS, but I don’t know if that is a good thing. Here is President Trumps’s Oath of Office. Here is VP Pence’s Oath of Office. Trump has also said that his crowd was the biggest in history. Now that is pretty funny because if you check Barrack’s then it is bigger than Donald’s. Oh Donald. When will you learn?

I just hope they do there job well.We just have to wait and see. Wait and see.


Quora. What is Quora? Quora in my opinion is te greatest piece of social media, specifically for answering questions, in history.

Quora is a website where you have an account (Real name must be used. Sorry) and you ask or answer questions. You can also make pages and blogs kind of like small communities. It is basically like a better Yahoo Answers and blogs along with Reddit and Facebook all into one thing! But most often you will be asking or answer questions. It is very convenient. It’s a great website for learning, hypothetical questions, history, facts, and random fun stuff.

All in all I love Quora. It’s, in my opinion, the best for of socializing online. I do recommned people to use it. Yes I do answer questions, my account name is: Emre Kutanoglu. I answer questions, mostly about war and hypothetical questions. I really like it. Be sure to check it out, and be sure to answer stuff too, you can also get followers in Quora!


Well this is America.

Well Trump is trying to get his cabinet ready. It’s been pretty funny until now.

So Dr. Ben Carson is now saying “I do not feel fit to be in control of a department.” I’m not sure if Dr. Ben noticed that HE WANTED TO BE IN CHARGE OF ALL OF THE DEPARTMENTS! You ran for president and now your saying your not fit. That just sad. There are many choices that are questionable but the most strange is Michael T. Flynn for National Security Advisor. He has been said to belive in conspiracy theories. He doesn’t seem like a good pick. I do not know where The President elect finds his cabinet picks but it sure is weird.

Anyway none of these are really too official but it sure is going to be weird. Lets just hope they actually do there job well.


Poem of April 29, 1945

April 29, 1945
He grasped his glasses and dismissed everyone out,
except for the generals who had been who were responsible for the rout.
He raged and ranted in the little room they were in.
The Man questioned the generals,
For a few moments there was silence in Berlin.
The Man was dread.
“That was an order!” The Man said.
He would on degrading the people of their nation.
They could not persuade Him to stop.
The Man was furious that the counter-attack could not be made.
The Allies were continuing their raid
and Berlin was crumbling.
The failed German attack was fastidious, and it could not be done.
The Germans were failing and there was nowhere to run.
After all that rhetoric he finally decided not to shout,
“If you think I am going to leave Berlin, then you are wrong. I would rather blow my brains out.”
The bunker went silent.
The Man bent to his chair.
The Man stroked his hair.
He stared at the map.
He had no energy to snap.
He thought He had fallen into a trap.
It was all over for the leader,
as the generals did not know what to do either.
He was too intimidated,
So the Führer had himself liquidated
The day was April 29th 1945.
Nazi Germany did not survive!
Only a matter of time for the allies to arrive,
And no Nazi would be left alive,
The allies thought that the Germans would not thrive,
Their idea was that to conquer you must strive,
But really the way to conquer is to peacefully deprive.
Author’s Note:
I wrote about this topic because I like history, specifically the two world wars. I also chose this topic because I really like a scene of the movie “Der Untergang” or “Downfall” that captures the last moments of WW2.
I made the poem slightly sad for the Nazi’s but also at the end I made it so that victory for the allies liberated the people that had been suffering.
I also wanted that people should notice that a nation, or anything for that matter, does not need to use force or aggression to get what you want. You can persuade, use diplomacy, word choice and shape anything how you want it to be like.