Starting New Pieces in Orch.

Ahh lovely smell of music (There is none, just saying). I cant wait until the Sinfonia orchestra’s first concert. Its going to be veterans day and I think it will be fun. We’ve been practicing so Im pretty sure we dont sound bad, its hard to tell while playing because your in the orchestra, and your playing the piece. Until then I have Region 32.

Clinton vs Trump

This years presidential election is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which Hillary is leading by a couple percentages.

I am still suprised of how this presidential race is going. Either way it looks like its going to end bad because, we have the first racist orange candidate going against an old women trying to learn how to handle her emails. But yeah, I wish America ACTUALLY had good candidates for the election. I think the Sanders campaign was the most successful. He would have won if the candidacy election was not rigged. But now we are just going downhill. America still has a LOOONG way to go to be the world’s greatest democracy. A long way.