Yay! Early Votin’ Time.

It is time to vote! This voting season is breaking the records in some counties for early voting. There has been a lot of problems though.

People have been complaining about how the voting machines are not working so well. Many problems have accoured with time. Many people coming to vote then are just turned away becuase its to early in the day. Kinda sucks really. In my opinion I think it is just “rigged”. Well Hillary Clinton is leading by a few points.  The election is not over yet, we still have to wait for Nov. 8th.

This might be very close though. Pretty weird how there actually is going to be a new president by the end of November. It actually scares me right now. It’s not a joke. It’s real.


Axis and Allies 1941 WW2

The game I love; Axis and Allies 1941, the simplest of the series. Five nations to control and recreate WW2 with simple movements of your pieces. It is very small scale compared with to 1942, 1940 Europe and 1940 Pacific (Both 1940s can be combined to make a super big game: 1940 Global)

The five military powers are the United States of America, Imperial Japan (Japanese Empire), Germany (Nazi Germany), the USSR, and finally the United Kingdom and its colonies. You get 2 land units; infantry and tanks, 2 air units; fighters and bombers, and 5 sea units including a transport, submarines, aircraft carriers, destroyers and battleships.

Its a great game for it’s price. Some plastic miniatures, cardboard chips and a small game board (Compared to other editions).  Only few minor flaws. The game is pretty balanced. But I really like the game for its price, its perfect for what I want, simple but fun. It has great gameplay, it’s very fun, it’s a game that I wanted: a game for simple war.

Whats on my wishlist for my next board game would be a game about WW1, probably out of these two:

The Great War: 1914-1918:Clash of Empires or Axis and Allies 1914, (or maybe, if it comes out Axis and Allies 1914 2nd edition.)

That’s it for today on Axis and Allies 1941.