Well this is America.

Well Trump is trying to get his cabinet ready. It’s been pretty funny until now.

So Dr. Ben Carson is now saying “I do not feel fit to be in control of a department.” I’m not sure if Dr. Ben noticed that HE WANTED TO BE IN CHARGE OF ALL OF THE DEPARTMENTS! You ran for president and now your saying your not fit. That just sad. There are many choices that are questionable but the most strange is Michael T. Flynn for National Security Advisor. He has been said to belive in conspiracy theories. He doesn’t seem like a good pick. I do not know where The President elect finds his cabinet picks but it sure is weird.

Anyway none of these are really too official but it sure is going to be weird. Lets just hope they actually do there job well.


Poem of April 29, 1945

April 29, 1945
He grasped his glasses and dismissed everyone out,
except for the generals who had been who were responsible for the rout.
He raged and ranted in the little room they were in.
The Man questioned the generals,
For a few moments there was silence in Berlin.
The Man was dread.
“That was an order!” The Man said.
He would on degrading the people of their nation.
They could not persuade Him to stop.
The Man was furious that the counter-attack could not be made.
The Allies were continuing their raid
and Berlin was crumbling.
The failed German attack was fastidious, and it could not be done.
The Germans were failing and there was nowhere to run.
After all that rhetoric he finally decided not to shout,
“If you think I am going to leave Berlin, then you are wrong. I would rather blow my brains out.”
The bunker went silent.
The Man bent to his chair.
The Man stroked his hair.
He stared at the map.
He had no energy to snap.
He thought He had fallen into a trap.
It was all over for the leader,
as the generals did not know what to do either.
He was too intimidated,
So the Führer had himself liquidated
The day was April 29th 1945.
Nazi Germany did not survive!
Only a matter of time for the allies to arrive,
And no Nazi would be left alive,
The allies thought that the Germans would not thrive,
Their idea was that to conquer you must strive,
But really the way to conquer is to peacefully deprive.
Author’s Note:
I wrote about this topic because I like history, specifically the two world wars. I also chose this topic because I really like a scene of the movie “Der Untergang” or “Downfall” that captures the last moments of WW2.
I made the poem slightly sad for the Nazi’s but also at the end I made it so that victory for the allies liberated the people that had been suffering.
I also wanted that people should notice that a nation, or anything for that matter, does not need to use force or aggression to get what you want. You can persuade, use diplomacy, word choice and shape anything how you want it to be like.