Officially President!

Well, Donnie Trumpo is Presidento. Fun. Lets see how that plays out. His inauguration was on Friday.

On Friday, Donald J. Trump officially became president. He is already starting on filling out paperwork so he can hand over his buisness to someone else. It is so he can focus more on being POTUS, but I don’t know if that is a good thing. Here is President Trumps’s Oath of Office. Here is VP Pence’s Oath of Office. Trump has also said that his crowd was the biggest in history. Now that is pretty funny because if you check Barrack’s then it is bigger than Donald’s. Oh Donald. When will you learn?

I just hope they do there job well.We just have to wait and see. Wait and see.


Quora. What is Quora? Quora in my opinion is te greatest piece of social media, specifically for answering questions, in history.

Quora is a website where you have an account (Real name must be used. Sorry) and you ask or answer questions. You can also make pages and blogs kind of like small communities. It is basically like a better Yahoo Answers and blogs along with Reddit and Facebook all into one thing! But most often you will be asking or answer questions. It is very convenient. It’s a great website for learning, hypothetical questions, history, facts, and random fun stuff.

All in all I love Quora. It’s, in my opinion, the best for of socializing online. I do recommned people to use it. Yes I do answer questions, my account name is: Emre Kutanoglu. I answer questions, mostly about war and hypothetical questions. I really like it. Be sure to check it out, and be sure to answer stuff too, you can also get followers in Quora!