AtWar–the best free war game online. In my opinion it is one of the–if not the–greatest game for war simulation on the huge war simulator market. The fact that it is free makes it even better.

The game is pretty simple. You go to the website, sign in (you could also play as a guest),  go to ‘Online’ (or tutorial) and start playing. You then (once in a match) pick a strategy for bonuses and choose a country (Large ones like China, Russia, and America have been broken up) and then buy units and start dragging them onto other countries (neutrals or enemies). Enemies will try to take your capital, and vice versa. Neutrals will not try to invade you. If you win the objective, the losing player is out and you play with the rest of the players. Make sure not to go bankrupt.

You can get more strategies, unit types or unit boosts. The higher the rank, the more power you have. With these you can defeat your opponents easier, and you can challenge yourself by playing more economically fragile and weak nations. One thing to try is to stab your teammate in the back (break the alliance then declare war next turn).

I really want to try using Texas as a nation, but sadly I keep on forgetting. The best nation for starters would probably be France, as it is very good economically, very well positioned, many cities, already has a not bad military. I choose to use slightly harder (harder, not hard) like Ukraine, Austria, Turkey. So far I have won except–I beleive it is–two games.

My account name is Ttfno123 and I hope for you to go check it out. Good luck conquering!