Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Civil War was a war that was started in 2011, in which it was started from the unrest of the Arab Spring. There are 4 factions:

  1. The Syrian Government backed by the Russian Federation
  2. The Syrian Rebels backed by the U.S.
  3. The Kurdish Rebels backed by the U.S.
  4. ISIS or ISIL

All of these nations are fighting for ground in Syria. As the rioted against the authoritarian Bashar Al-Assad regime.

Another reason for the war is the power vacuum left in Iraq after the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 to take Saddam Hussein out of power. After taking him out, there was no regional government, so when the U.S. left, it was chaos. Taking advantage of this, The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant rose to power in the North and Central regions of Iraq.

The Kurdish Rebels want land in the area of “Kurdistan”. The U.S. arms them as the are important in the fight against ISIS, but also against the Assad Regime. One of the problems is that the Kurdish forces also attack the Turkish Armed Forces, which is our biggest ally in the fight.

The Syrian Rebels did not want an Authoritarian government so they began to riot, protest, and even have armed conflicts.

I will post more on this topic in the time coming. Thank you!


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