The Reasons of The Great War | Part 1

The Great War was huge disaster. It killed millions and brought the world into the modern age. It was the war to end all wars. But how did it start? Well that is a VERY long story, but here it is:

It had been pretty peaceful for one hundred years. There were wars, but none so big as te Napoleonic Wars. The European powers decided to create a syestem called the Concert of Europe. It was basically something like the United Nations right now. It meant to stop something like the Napoleonic Wars from happening. It was meant to balance power and to compromise when needed.

Germany had been assembled from many smaller German states to create a superpower. It had been formed in little time and was EXTREMELY strong. they had many natural resources, lots of manpower, and a strong economy. For years the French had been considered the strongest on mainland Europe. Now there was a stronger one, younger, but stronger. After the victory of the German Federation during the Franco-Prussian, all German states were unified. But even with all this power, Germany was not treated like other powers in the European and World stage, just because it was a new state.

This was just the beginning. Part 2 will come soon.

Sources: Wikipedia, World War I: The Seminal Tragedy, and my own understanding.

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