Homework or No Homework

Ugh, more homework? Homework can be very important, but has been proven to be bad too. Lets take a look.

Homework is review. Homework reviews subjects that you learned at school. Instead of studying, homework makes the student study instead of procrastinating. Using consequences to make kids do their homework, it makes sure the student gets a review of the class.

Homework also helps students work independently and use sources (e.g. Google, textbooks, notes) to complete it. Doing homework gets students ready for college and for a job, as there will be minimal people to help the student. As using sources and being independent will help students’ life skill.

There are many other reasons of why homework is important to have, but I will not get into those today. One misconception is that there should be lots of homework for the student. There should be very little homework, as too much homework will lead to stress and less time for the student to do other activities.

Suprisingly Finland has virtually no homework,  kids start school at age 7, the school days are shorter and yet the country is one of the top (just behind The Republic of Korea) countries for education. They have very good results in school. They also encourage to go outside to play sports and games. So may less studying help?

I believe that homework should be given minimally only to review the lesson. The reason why homework should still exist—in my opinion—is because if there was no homework, then kids would abuse the fact that they do not have to study. I feel without much homework kids would be less stressful in High School and more time into having fun. That is my view on homework. Thank you for reading.