Open Letter


Open Letter

Dear highly competitive people,

I am competitive. I know a lot of people are, I mean no one would pick losing over winning but that’s different. I am overly competitive. While most will settle for average, or slightly above average, I can’t… we can’t.

I am competitive. When you say “You’re being too hard on yourself,” all I can hear is “You’re not good enough, why even try?” Although we desperately want to believe winning isn’t everything, we can’t, we can’t believe.

I am competitive. I can’t lose, If I do I cry, If I cry I feel weaker, If I feel weaker I feel as if I had lost. I can’t lose. If I do I cry, If I cry I feel weaker, If I feel weaker I feel as if I’ve lost…. It’s a never ending loop. I don’t like to lose. It’s soul crushing, and feels as if the whole world is going to collapse around me. Let’s say I get a bad grade on a test, even if everyone else failed with me it makes no difference. I have lost. Not only have I failed to get a good grade, but I feel as though I have failed life. I start to think that I’m not going to get into college and not going to get a good job and not going to get a nice house and not get a nice car and….

I am competitive. I am ambitious, zealous, keen, pushy, aggressive, fierce, and all things in between. I am not perfect, I am not amazing, and I can’t do it. I can’t always win.

I am competitive. They say nobody’s perfect, They can see that no one is, I can’t, I am blind. All I see are these perfect little people who are going to beat me and take my place. Sadly the eye doctor doesn’t make glasses for people who can’t see things like me. Sadly no surgeon can fix us. No doctor has a diagnosis. There is no treatment. You can’t just simply carry the x and find the answer. There is no answer. You can’t just sing a little song and a bird will swoop by and carry all your problems away. You just have to grin and bear it.

I am competitive. I have a fear of trying new things. If I try something new I’m not going to be the best at it. I’m not instantly going to remember everything, and win every competition. It takes time. I am not patient.

I am competitive. I feel that no one understands me, I know that someone does. I feel I am alone, yet I know that I am not. It’s indescribable. How can you feel that no one understands you but know that they do? I don’t know how it all works exactly… but it does. It’s the same way that someone can write down an answer on a test and know that it could be wrong, yet they don’t change it.

We are competitive. It’s as simple as that. We don’t think like others do. We can’t be proud of ourselves for doing our best. Our best isn’t good enough. Everyone says that it is, but we don’t believe them. We want to, really, really bad, but we don’t. We are competitive. We are smart, and strong, and just down right amazing, but we don’t know that we are. We are competitive.


Hearts and Paws


This weekend I’m taking my dog to Hearts and Paws tryouts. Well sorta. We take our dog to a tryout type thing where we see if my dog is eligible for a dog training camp.

My dog, the crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback, is very energetic. Last year we took her to the the camp at Hearts and Paws. She was crazy and was a lot to handle because we had to keep our dogs at least 6 feet away from all other dogs. My dog loves to play and it was hard for her to be around dogs she can’t play with. My dog, Moxie,  is way stronger than me, so she pulled me many times across the camp last year. So I, being the smart person I am, decided to take her back to the camp again. My dog is very smart and knows lots of tricks, and is really good at agility, but when she sees another dog, she goes insane. Although she went insane, the people working at the camp said that she could come back and try the advanced camp. So this weekend I’m going to take my pup to a tryout. They have about 6 dogs per tryout and they see if the dogs are aggressive if they are not they get into the camp. They also go over things like what to bring to camp and what to do when you arrive.

I’m nervous for camp tryouts, but I’m sure the camp will let us in. I just hope Moxie doesn’t go crazy!

Breaking Records


My dog is a amazing rescue dog that we believe is part Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is very athletic, and energetic. She is very smart, and knows lots of tricks. This is why I am training her to break records.

My dog, Moxie, has been going to a camp with me called Hearts and Paws. At the camp, the dogs learn tricks and agility with their owners. This year Moxie and I are going to the advanced class. The camp inspired me to start training Moxie in agility. We got a hurtle/jump thing for Moxie but she very quickly outgrew it. We realized then how much talent she has. We started researching and found out the World Record for highest jump cleared by a dog. We realized then that with practice, Moxie could set the world record and beat the current 68 inches or 172.7 centimeters in height.

We have started a journey of setting a world record. We practice everyday, and maybe eventually we will be able to beat the record.

Why the Mighty Texas Dog Walk is Going to be Horifically Awesome


I think that the Might Texas Dog Walk that I am doing this weekend is going to be horifically awesome, and here’s why.

First of all I’m bringing my one year old puppy to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk for my birthday. There should be a lot, and I mean A LOT of dogs. You know how that’s going to go. Terrible! She’s going to be tugging on the leash non-stop. She will be barking and crying to be let off leash and run around with the other dogs. I am not looking forward to my crazy puppy tugging the leash.

Another reason this dog walk is going to be horrific is the weather forecast. It’s supposed to be very rainy and cold. I don’t know about you but I would not prefer to walk my dog when I am wet and cold. I am definitely not excited about the terrible, rainy weather.

Although the weather will be terrible, and my dog will be crazy, I think that this walk will be very fun. I love spending time with my dog, and I can’t wait to walk a mile or so with her. I also can’t wait to see other dogs, and how well trained they are. I can’t wait to spend time with dogs!

I think that the Mighty Texas Dog Walk is going to be horifically awesome, and I will enjoy spending time with my pup. I can’t wait!



Recently, our lake was drained. It was drained so that people can clean their docs or the lake. So my sister, Dad, and I decided to go to our lake house.

As soon as we got to our house, still in our street clothes, my sister and I ran to our dock to see the bottom of our lake for the first time. It was really, very cool. My dad told us we had to  pick up all the trash, so my sister and I ran and got a trash can, and started picking up on the a little bit muddy lake. We were not sinking in the mud in front of our house, but little did we know that further into our cove it got very, VERY deep.

My sister and I were working, then all the sudden a dog appeared. It was out naibors dog that had escaped! His name was Charlie, and every time my family goes to the lake we go over to my naibors house to play with him. My sister and I ran after him and tried to catch him in order to bring him back to his home. He ran, and ran, and he wouldn’t stop until… he got stuck in the mud! We ran to try and get to him but we could feel our selves sinking in the mud. It got deeper and deeper the farther we went into the cove. All of the sudden both of my shoes fell off. They got stuck in the mud then pulled off my feet. I picked them up and walked them over to the edge of the cove and set them down on a brick. I then kept running, but then all of the sudden my sisters shoes fell off, but she just left them there. We kept running, and when we finally caught up to him, he was covered in mud. We dove into the mud in effort to rescue him, but all we did was scare him. My sister picked him up, and passed him to me. We passed him back and forth as the one without the dog moved forward a few steps then took the dog. We kept doing that until we got back to or dock and could stand up again.

We climbed up the steps dog in hand, and went straight for the hose. We then hosed our selves and the dog off. The dog put up a fight, he obviously didn’t like baths, but we got him to comply eventually.

As soon as we got most of the mud off ourselves we took the dog over to our naibors house. They where so excited to see him. They didn’t even know he had gotten out! They thanked us, and my sister and I left. That was our exciting weekend!



I Can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I hate Galveston.

Galveston is the worst place to visit. First of all the beaches are rocky and full of trash. You can hardly relax when you find a soda can under neath your blanket. You can hardly relax with the terrible rocks along the whole beach, covering the sand. I hate the Galveston beaches.

Secondly, when I was five years old, the hotel room we stayed in was very VERY dusty. Galveston was terrible for me because little did me and my family know that I had asthma, and would soon hardly be able to breathe. It was the last day we spent at Galveston before we had to go home, and on that day I had my first ever asthma attack because of the dusty room. Keep in mind I was only five. My parents wouldn’t take me to the doctor until we got home so basically I felt like I was dying the whole car ride. As soon as we got home my parents took me to the doctor, and at the doctors office, one of the doctors said that I would need to go to the hospital for an x-ray. It was only supposed to be an x-ray until I started throwing up when ever I drank water. I ended up staying at the hospital for about a week, and it was so boring. I hate the dusty rooms at Galveston.

I hate the Galveston beaches, and I hate the Galveston hotel rooms. I hate Galveston.




Music is very important to me. It makes up who I am. I have been playing guitar for more than a few years now, and I’m not planning on quitting any time soon. My sister used to play guitar, but later decided to stick to singing. My mother nor my father are very musical people so my sister and I are kind of on our own.

My type of music is heavy metal, and I started listening to it because of my dad. I love being able to rock out the air guitar in the car sometimes with my dad. My first rock song that I ever listened to was probably Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. Now I’m very into Metallica, Black Sabbath, and System of Down. Right now I’m working on a few songs by Metallica on my guitar. I can’t say that I’m the worst at guitar but I’m sertainly not Eddie Van Halen or anyone like that. I can also say I’m not the most dedicated guitarist because martial arts is really more my thing, but guitar is still a large part of my life.

Guitar, and music is very important to me, and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.


Rousey’s End


UFC 107’s main event was supposed to be 29 year old Ronda Rousey’s comeback, but the world had a different plan.

On December 30 in Las Vegas Ronda Rousey’s fight against Amanda Nunes ended within 48 seconds. This was supposed to be Rousey’s comeback fight after sadly loosing to Holly Holm. The fight didn’t go as plan with Nunes, and the first round Nunes got a TKO on Ronda. This was devastating for any “Rowdy” fan. At least I know it was for me. After the Holms fight everyone thought Rousey wouldn’t return, but she did. Now the odds aren’t in her favor of a return. Most people think Rousey should fire her horrible coach, and I agree, but she is hesitant to do that.

Ronda Rousey’s devastating UFC fame came to an end within only 48 seconds. We can only pray that she comes back, but the odds aren’t in her favor.

Dog Training


My dog, Moxie, is a very energetic dog to say the least. We got her from the pound, so we don’t exactly know what breed of dog she is. We are pretty sure she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Recently I started training her on agility. She is great and jumping, and can run extreamly fast.

We have a small rock in our backyard, and it’s great for working on her jumping. She really loves doing tricks and agility courses because she knows that it means that she will get lots of treats. Another good thing about the agility is, when we do it it makes her very tiered, which is great because she is very high energy.

Last year we took Moxie to a dog camp called Hearts and Paws. It was a great camp for training dogs. My dog and I went, and she learned all kinds of tricks, and did lots of agility. She benefited greatly from that camp. Moxie is a very smart dog, but loves to play which made the camp kind of difficult because the dogs aren’t aloud to get close to each other. Again it was still a great camp, and was very beneficial.

I can’t wait to see how much more Moxie will improve with her agility in the future, and I hope that she will continue to improve. I’m sure she will be going back to Hearts and Paws next year.

The Swing Incident


During the Thanksgiving break, I went to California to visit my cousins in Peidmont. My two cousins are close in age to me and my sister, so we all had someone our age to talk about things like school, sports, and other things going on in our lives. My cousins entire backyard is a forest. They had all kinds of things to explore and do, such as, they had a zip line, and a giant swing.

They didn’t have the ordinary type of swing though, it stretched over two trees as tall as a four story building, and one small wooden platform attached at the bottom where you would sit. It also had a very long rope to hold on too. You had to climb up very slippery steps to mount the colossal swing.

I had gone on this swing quite few times before it happened, for normally it was fun and enjoyable. It was the mourning before we left to go back to Texas, and I wanted to go one the swing one last time. I climbed the slippery steps, and mounted the swing. I took off, flying, soaring through the air, it was fun, on the first swing.  After I had swung from the platform, as I was swinging backwards I noticed something off, the swing was headed stairght for the steps. I slammed into the steps, hard, and fast. My legs came untangled from the wooden platform I was sitting on, but my hands held on tightly. My cousins all watched in terror as they saw me gripping the rope with only my hands to protect me from the rocky ground below. My face flushed from all emotions but fear. If I slipped there was a more than likely chance that I would break a bone, or even get a concussion. My hands held onto the rope as if it were the only thing separating me from life, or death. I swung back to the place where I could get off. My cousins yelled for me to jump. I lept off the swing, nothing could keep me from doing that. I jumped off and felt the ground, the amazingly awesome ground, beneath my feet. You could tell I was shaking, not from the cold, not from the rain, but from fear. I lived. I got a rope burn, but that’s a lot better than a concussion.

That day I learned that no matter what situation your in, all you have to do is hold on, just a tiny bit longer, and you will be able to get off the swing.