Warrior and Fenrir

Warrior vs. Fenrir

Fenrir, he has broken free from his chains. Finally he has grown to big and the gods have sent me and Beowulf to stop him. Beowulf is the canine whisperer, he has tamed every wild canine beast that has sent havoc across the land before; including Grendel, the large, slimy green, three headed beast. Though none has compared to the wild and monstrous beast that I am about to go fight. I knew Fenrir as a young pup, a small thing, about the size of a Great Dane. He was a gentle thing but didn’t really know his own strength. Now he has become aware of it and like most of the gods assumed, he did become hell in a wolf’s body. Though I suspect in a different way than they thought would happen. After seeing what he could, do, the gods and Beowulf decided to trick him into chaining him up, though none could contain him. After sensing this, Fenrir became angry and wanted to see if they trusted him or if they were just trying to trick him into being locked forever. After being chained up and seeing he could not escape ( yet ) he roared with rage, like a monster roaring all the way from Valhalla. It was a terrible noise and everyone within the first earth left the planet to go to another. Fenrir, now being all alone, howled with rage and sadness for being left. He then saw that no one would come for him so after some time of wearing out the chains, he pulled as hard as he could and with a massive crash, he was finally free. Fenrir thought “ if you see me only as a monster, than a monster I will be.” And with that he ran; knocking everything in his path down or flattening it all the way to the ground. I came to the planet to check upon him after seeing him acting strangely with the chains ( weakening them ) and saw he had tore down the whole planet. He had made his way to the deepest cave and dug. Making a trench that with one more ounce of weight would crash right into Valhalla. I saw the crack and new what he had done, it was a mating nest! If Fenrir reproduced than all of the 12 earths would surely perish. Fenrir now had made armor out of bones from the old cemetery that was there. He had grown bigger and stronger, and now had a partner with him. A female Wolf who in turn had also been berthed at the same place where Fenrir had, for she was huge! Though not as big as fenrir she was still not someone I did not want to mess with. Fenrir and Vacara ( The she wolf ) lived in this cave/ trench with fire bursts coming from the ground as if to light the way to the cave. The pilot flew me and Beowulf to the earth, a small mound where u could make out the cave just barely. Beowulf was terrified and tried to get back on the plane, but I persuaded him to come for I would need his expertise. We traveled for two days until coming upon the entrance to the cave. The wolves came out snouts in the air, I whispered “ they must smell us, quick behind that boulder!” Me and Beowulf hid and though there was much smoke the wolves still came upon our sent trail. Now Beowulf was almost in tears, for he had a family and did not want to be eaten by these monsters. I tried to pull him away so that we could escape but he was too frightened to move. I sprinted to another rock and tried to get Beowulf to quickly follow but it was to late, the wolves wer upon him and I knew I had to run. I could hear his scream as Vacara chowed on his flesh, spilling out his veins and blood with satisfaction, for she had not eaten in a while. Fenrir saw me and gave chase, I remembered when we used to throw a stick together, now i was the stick about to be devoured by those jaws, i could feel the weight of him behind me and sprinted as fast as I could and I didn’t know if i would make it out alive.

Lightning and Thunder


They strike in unison


Lightning and thunder



The storm is like light


But only in the dark



They form a beat


Like the sound of drums



To me it’s a delight


But to others it’s a fright




Author’s Note:

This poem is about how when a thunder storm comes I always enjoy the sound and rhythm it has. A storm is interpreted in many different ways but to me it’s peaceful and makes me want to huncker down and listen, like a good movie or book. I grew up in Austin, Texas but when I was maybe eight years old we moved to California and I always missed the big storms and loud thunder with bright lightning. A big thunder storm has always been one of my favorite days and I love them even more when I get to see them at home.

BlackOut Poem

Dark adventures

heights, walls, towers. Frodo who was to think ‘ threating adventure’

Frodo asked men… “ All tell end” where birds and beasts tell all forget, tell Strider once peace now dark, twisted up slowly, long avoided.