Hello, this is Sol and the book I read was “Warcross” by Marie Lu. This book is about a girl named Emika, who is a hacker/bounty hunter. She ends up hacking into a world famous game called Warcross and ends up playing in a tournament. She gets hired by the inventor of Warcross Hideo Tanaka, to catch another hacker but she catches way more information.

I really liked all the characters! The relationships between each character was define and clear. The author took time to tell about each setting the characters where in, and it was amazing! But sometimes it was hard to tell what the game rooms looked like. My favorite character was Hideo, because he was vary well written. The plot was original, interesting, and clever.This book is amazing I would definitely recommend it! Marie Lu did such a great job! Also check out book two titled “Wildcard”!