About Me

Hello I’m Sol, Author of “An Interesting Mess”. In this blog we will be talking about a bunch of different topics, such as art, comics, movies, books and sports. I’ve been into these topics ever since third grade. Right now I am a student In Middle School. I really enjoy horror so you can expect to see that, if your into that kind of stuff. I’m pretty good at drawing so I will post some art tutorials if I have time.

Now let’s get into some of my favorite subjects. One of my favorite artist is Kasey Golden, because I absolutely love her style! I love reading comics and graphic novels, honestly I love all and any, type of comic. My goal in life is to become a professional screen writer or a comic artist. Some of my favorite movies, are the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I also really enjoy cartoons such as, Steven Universe, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Simpson’s, Gravity Falls and Clarence.

Some stuff about me is that I’m twelve (almost thirteen) years old and I live in Austin, Texas. I have one mom, one dad, and a Spider-Man obsessed little brother. I do Cross Country and Soccer for sports. I also love to do volleyball although I’m not that good! I went to Valley View for elementary and I’m in middle school, 7th grade. My favorite classes are basically all of them, although I really love art. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating ramen (the only thing I can cook)! I hope you guys enjoy this blog as much as I did making it!