About Me

Hi! My name is David. I am writing this blog so people will know more about the unique factors that make me who and what I am.

  1. I lived in Singapore for a year and moved to San Diego for another 8 years. I moved to Austin when I was nine and have stayed here ever since. Fun fact, I have moved 7 times in my life, but have been to 5 different schools.
  2. I enjoy eating foods or snacks from foreign countries such as Tiramisu from Italy or crépes from France.
  3. I find school really fun because of homework, but mostly because I get to see my friends and learn new things.
  4. I like playing the piano competitively and for fun. On the summer of 2017, I went to Cepino, Italy for a piano competition.
  5. Some of my favorite movies are Inception and The Matrix. These are cool movies because they cause your mind to think and sometimes make you want to bang your head on the wall. Mostly because you don’t understand.