Advice to Next Year’s Seventh Graders

Good luck I tell you! Seventh grade is definitely a pretty hard year but if you are super on top of it then maybe you might get through it alive. I will say science gets easier I promise no more journals whohooooo! But I would say that that is one of the only thing that gets better. Sorry to say but your not going to have just a breezy year like you thought. Also if your taking a language, at the end of the year you are taking a finale that is pretty nerve wracking I actually am taking it next week or the week after that for Spanish and I’m already starting to study. To get through it here are some tips to help:

1.) Study! You have to do it even if you don’t want to you have to!!!! No matter if you have to chew gum to study or listen to music just figure it out and do it.

2.) DO NOT PROCRASTINATE——- I am a big procrastinator when it comes to reading BIG! It’s very hard to find a good book that I like and also there’s a thing called Netflix that always hooks me on and before I know it “there’s no more time for reading.”

3.) Last but not least DRAMA don’t start and don’t keep it going! Drama will eat you up and might not spit you out alive! Don’t talk behind people’s back it’s rude and makes you sound like not a good person.


Last Friday we went a an amazing theme park called Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I had sooooooo much fun there starting with the ride there, the competition, and the actual rides! I went on quite a few roller coasters with my group that included: Miles,Julia,Grace,David,Maddy,and Anna! These are my top three favorite rides we went on!!!
Roller CoasterCreative Commons License Johannes Ko via Compfight

1.)My favorite roller coaster was probably the iron rattler because it was a super short line and it was a really high drop. It was fast paced with twist and turns one after another.

2.) My second favorite was ScReAm, scream is a one way ride either your going up or your going down both ways you will be scared out or your skin. Taking you 205 feet in the air you stomach will defintaly drop and you will defiantly scream!

3.) coming in third place is………. SUPERMAN fast paced coaster that will spin you in loops and loops and loops! This is a great ride for someone who likes to go this way that way and all the way upside down!

What’s your favorite roller coaster at Six flags?


Every Spring break My Family and I got to Marfa a small town in Texas. It’s about seven hours away from Austin Texas and it’s so much fun! I have decided to write the 3 best things to do in Marfa!

Best things to do in Marfa
1.) In Marfa you will see a lot of art work all around the small town one of the most favorited place is Chinati. Chinati, Is a place where you can see famous artist Judd. Judd is definitely a different artist outside you can see all of these large boxes and they are all the same but totally different.

2.) Pizza Foundation! This is one of the best and one of the only reausturaunts in Marfa. If you decide to eat there for dinner make sure to order about 3-4 hours in advance I know that’s along time but I promise it’s worth it when you get a bite of that pizza.

3.) Fort Davis Drug Store! If you have a sweet tooth like me you will sure love this place. This is the best milkshake and fudge place ever. It is a small 50’s cowboy dinner with the cutest design. You can get any flavored milkshakes from regular chocolate to banana!

If you ever visit Marfa make sure you check out these places for a good time!

Nothing Gold Can Stay



Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Golden Summer 7597 Andrew Menage via Compfight

So I’m not that big in poetry but my sister loooooooovvveees poetry. And I never really liked this poem when I was little so she would always read it to me when she was annoyed at me because I hated this poem and this was her favorite poem. Well, to get to the point this went on for a while until this year. She was really annoyed at me so she started to resight this poem and usually I would cover my ears and run away but this time I stayed and listened. Elena was very confused and at the end I told her how much I loved this poem and she was shocked. Ever since then this has been my favorite poem! I really like this poem because you can interpret it in many ways and it’s very emotional to me.

Three Fun Places To Visit in Austin Tx

Whether your a music lover or a total foodie you will find something you love in Austin! If you have ever heard “Keep Austin Weird,” and thought it was just a joke its not. Austin is very unusual, but don’t get the wrong impression you will sure love it. Here are Three fun things to do in Austin!

Austin City Limits is a super fun music festival that is held every year where people from around the world come to listen to thee favorite singers! ACL is two weekends both Friday-Sunday.ACL Fest 2015 David Ingram via Compfight

Trail of lights is a Christmas light show that is in Zilker park During Christmas that is super cool. They sell hot chocolate and kettle corn so you can stay warm as you walk through the lights. Little kids love the Ferris Wheel that you can ride, and the lights light up different colors.Photowalk at Austin's Trail of Lights - Tonight! Lotus Carroll via Compfight


After a long day of sight seeing in Austin you will need to take a little nap so here is a HaUnTeD hotel you can stay in. They don’t call it the Driskill for nothing. It is a beautiful hotel that is haunted with many ghost. Your stay will sure be frightful.Christmas in the Driskill Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

Mouth Surgery

The process

About a month ago I went to the orthodontist to see if I needed braces. Thinking all I was going to find out was yes I needed braces and just for two years or something. But that’s not quite what happend. They come back to tell me what’s going to happen and that’s when I find out I have tooth stuck in my gum….. I know right IN MY GUM! So after telling me a little about it I find out that in a month I will have to go and get mouth surgery where they are going to attach a gold chain in my gum and pull the tooth down. Let’s just say this kind of scared me. Rethinking this in my head this sounded really painful because first they have to pull out the baby tooth then take the tooth out of my gum and attach a gold chain to that, and on top of that I was getting top braces Ahhhhhh!

The surgery
On Monday Febuary 29 at 7am I hop into the car and I’m off to the surgeon. When we get there I go back and I sit in a chair. Next thing I know they stuck a needle in my arm to pump in the sleeping gas. They put a tub of oxygen in my nose so I wouldn’t stop receiving air. “Are you starting to feel sleepy,” The man questioned me? Next thing I know I’m waking up in my bed not remembering anything except feeling the pain up in my gum from the gold chain and stitches all in my mouth.

Question of the day: Have you ever had surgery?


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPREA IS THERE…..!!!!!! We have been studying The Phantom Of The Oprea for about two weeks now and some things I really like about it! But some things I wasn’t to big on. Mostly I thought it was pretty cool but I wish we go to go straight through Act 1 and then talked about it but we had to take notes through it. Then we did Act 2 gone straight through it then talked about because I feel like it would of save a lot A Lot of time but that is just my opinion.

How the movie Compared and Contrasted to the play
The movie and play were actually pretty alike like in the movie we saw Raoul at the Oprea house biding the monkey jewelry box and once he wins it he places it on christen’s grave but when he sets it down he sees something on the corner of the grave….. A ROSE (what I’m pretty sure indicates the Phantom was there.) Also in the movie there is more story line in the phantoms lair then in the play.
What do you think was diffrent in the movie than the play? Also I have one more thing to see I’M TEAM PHANTOM AND CHRISTINE!!!!!

My thoughts on Membean

Membean is a website we have been using for a few weeks instead of doing vocabulary packets. We would have 20 minutes during class once we finished the work before but if we didn’t finish it in class. There were some things that I really liked about it 🙂 but also there were some things not so much 🙁 here are a few of my opinions. Q: what is your opinion on MEMBEAN?

PROS: It goes with your pace. When you learn a new word it has a definition for it, a picture, a video, a summary, related words, somebody reading the word to you so you hear how it sounds, then a question about it. Once you explore all of that it brings you to the next slide what asks you to spell the word you just saw. You can set an amount of time for how long you want to do it for starting at 5 minutes.

Cons: well this never happened to me but some people in my class where doing it on different devices other than there iPad and it wouldn’t count the minutes. Also sometimes it gives you really easy words.

But otherwise I really really enjoyed it so in my opinion I would rather do Membean than vocabulary.


I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! Ice cream is one of those things were if your feeling a frown it will defiantly turn it upside down :)! I’m not big on ice cream every night but a few times a month and that’s perfect for me! There are soooooooooooooo many flavors that you can never I say NEVER get sick of ice cream. Some flavors are really weird, some are great combinations, and some are just flat out yummy. I’ve put together of my top 4 favorite brands of ice cream I hope you enjoy!

1.) Lick: I love lick because it has so many cool combinations and just yummy flavors going from Rosemary and goat cheese to just plain vanilla bean.(it’s a local ice cream place in Austin)

2.) Amy’s ice cream: It is also a great local ice cream place! I love it because you can have your favorite candy added into the ice cream other known as “crushins”

3.) Ben and Jerry’s: this is a great ice cream that you can get at one of there many ice cream shops or just out of the carton at your local corner store. They have so many amazing flavors it is hard to chose from.

4.)Blue Bell: I really love blue bell because it is very creamy and it has so many selections! Once they had to shut down blue bell all of the flavors went away but slowly there coming back. I’m still waiting for chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate but other wise I’m super happy for it to be back!

Q: what is your favorite brand of ice cream?
haagen-dazsCreative Commons License Janine via Compfight


Question of the day:How was you Winter Break?

Over this amazing long break we had I did so many things! I stayed active hung out with friends and my Family and went on some adventures to! Over the course of the break Elena’s(my sister) friend from California flew in to be with us for a week. We decided to take her to really cool places in Austin and also little things like Home Slice,Ice skating,and the Graffiti Park. One night Elena told me that the next day we where going to Kehma with my Grandparents (One thing you might want to know Kehma is a really fun amusement park what is about 5-6 hours away.)I was really confused and happy at the same time. A few things where running through my mind like; Do they know we are coming? What car are we taking? Did mom and dad say yes? Finally I found out the answers to those questions and I was ready for the trip!

“BEEP BEEP” I wake up to the really annoying sounds of my phone. “Why do I have to get up” I said annoyed. But then I remembered where we we are going! I jump out of bed,got ready,and the next thing I know we where on are way! I feel asleep for most of it but finally we where there!!! I heard the roar of the roller coasters and of the screams of the people on them. I was so excited for the day ahead of me I was about to burst with joy. We got are tickets and we where off!
blue fire Archibald. via Compfight

(Part 2 will come later in the year and will talk about the rides!!)