Six Flags!

This Friday I went to Six Flags, Fiesta Texas. I rode the scariest, the biggest, the most thrill seaking roller coasters in my life.

We left at around 6:30 in the morning which meant I had to wake up at 5:20.?  Although it was early and still dark outside, it seemed like everyone was wide awake and ready for the day…. well I mean a few people we’re asleep, drooling and snoring but I mean majority was screaming a pumped for the big day ahead of us.

Yes, I was super excited for an adventurous day at Six Flags but before we could do anything fun we had to go perfore at Bourne High School. We sang I Know Where I’m Going, Da Pa Chem, and Lunar Lullaby. We are not sure how we did yet but from what I heard I think we did pretty good.

Now the moment we have all been waiting for…SIX FLAGS!!!!!! We start off by going to the water rides so we cool off. Then after we are soaked and our shoes are squishy, we head to the Road Runner. I personally loved the Road Runner for a started roller coaster it was a good refresher on what roller coasters are! Then after that… WE GO TO THE IORN RATTLER!! The Iorn RATTLER was definitely on my top 3! It was super fun! You start off by going up this super big hill, then it stops you at the top…and you wait…and wait… and then you finally drop it make you stomach feel like its in your head it’s awesome.

We also went on Goliath, Poltergeist, and lot more! All and all it was an awesome day! I hope I can go again soon!


This past weekend I went to one of my friends ranch for her birthday party, it was so fun!! We went swimming in the river, rope swinging, kayaking, mat jumping, and so much more!

We left at about 9:45am for the 45 minute journey! Once we got there we ran to the bunk house and put on our swimsuits, raced back outside and jumped in the mule cart, then drove down to the river. We jumped off the dock into the freezing cold water and swam around!!

My friend Ella went kayaking with me and we kayaked all the way down to the onion farm and when we got there we picked the best onions I’ve ever tasted in my whole life!!

We then jumped back on the mule cart and drove back to the house and jumped in the hot tub because we were so cold! After the hot tub got to hot, Me, Ella, Callahan, Kennedy and Lily all grabbed the kayaks and the paddle boards and went all the way down the long river till we reached the waterfalls. When we got up to the top of the waterfall Callahan had the idea to kayak down the waterfall so we hauled up the  heavy kayak to the top and gave it a little push and before we knew it we were kayaking down a waterfall, it was awesome! On our way back I spotted something in the water, it’s probably not what your expecting…I mean none of us really expected it either, it was a HUGE bone about the size of my arm! It had blood and algee on it but once we washed it off it was a big pearly white bone! Were not really sure what animal it came from but I think maybe a deer or a donkey.

At the end of the night we went to a crawfish boil, I love crawfish it’s so good, and so fun to play with!! Even though I got pinched a few times, it was worth it because this was the best day ever!

On Friday I’m going to the Frío River all weekend so stay tuned for my next adventures!!!


Spring Break, 2017 was a sucess! I went to Whistler, Canada and stayed there for 7 days. I went skiing on the cold, white, fresh mountains of snow, walked around the village, and ice skated in the Olympic Plaza.

We got there at about 3:00 in the morning so we just went to bed, then on Friday (the next day) we went to the Coca Cola Tube Park. As we picked out our tube and pulled it to the magic carpet I got a great view from the top of the big, beautiful, blustery mountain. My Brother Grant and I went down so many times it was so fun! But, after a while it got a little tiring, pulling the heavy duty tube up…and up…and up the snowy mountain till we finally got to the top. After we finished tubing we went back to the lodge to get some lunch!

Ah the cold breeze, fire place burning, and the snow falling outside my window. We wake up early because we have to go to school! Not just any school…I mean, if we get school off for a week why would I go to school…don’t worry its just SKI SCHOOL! It was from 8:30-3:00 which is a pretty long day of non-stop skiing! My parents picked us up from ski school and we headed back on to the slopes!

We spent the other days skiing, relaxing  in the hot tub and shopping in the village! It was so fun, if you are ever wondering where to go on vacation I HIGHLY recommend Whistler.

When people say everyone’s nicer in Canada, everything’s better in Canada, the food is great, and the skiing is awesome… they are not lying–it’s true! I LOVE CANADA!



This is a video taken by me, from right outside our hotel room!

Tests, Homework, School…ugh!

School, ugh don’t even get me started. It was going pretty well and easy till just about this week. Spanish, math and Texas History. Hola, Sam Houston, E=MC2 like why do we even need to know this?

My favorite class is probably science because we get to do fun labs and eat candy! My least favorite class is definitely spanish…it’s so hard! My school day is jam packed I have so much to do. I get out of bed at 6:50, pick out my outfit and go get breakfast. I quickly eat then brush my hair and teeth. At 7:30 I grab my lunch make sure my backpack is packed and then head for the bus. I get on the loud bus and talk with my friends.

When I get to school I got to the gym for track. After im in my athletics uniform I head outside for a warmup lap. And tonight I have a track meet and i have to run the 100m, 300m hurdles and the 800m I’m super nervous! After athletics I have math, I like having it in the morning so I can get it over with. We are learning angles, degrees, and someother boring stuff. I then head up to the hardest class of the day…spanish. After that I can go to a more relaxing class: english, we read for ten minutes, something’s do vocab and then talk about our warmups. After english I get to go to lunch, YAY! I walk down the hall from lunch to the MOST BORING class of the day…choir. You are probably thinking seriously you think choir is boring? Ugh first off im not really a “singer” its not that i don’t like singing but: its just boring Im not good at it and im not really a fan of the teacher, she hates me. After that I go to TX History, we watch lots of movies, and do lots of coloring. The thing i don’t like about it is, its just so hard! We learn so much at one time and its just tooooooo much for my brain to comprehend. After I go to science, it’s pretty fun!

Well if you read all the way to the end, your a trooper for not falling aslleping hearing about my boring day!


“TOUCHDOWN!” “COME ON WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” “RUN IT ALL THE WAY!” This Is the sound at my house for  51st annual SuperBowl. I’m not a big football fan but I like eating all the food and watching the commercials.

This year its the falcons vs the patriots. And I honestly don’t really care for either but if I had to choose I would go for the Falcons. Last year it was Katy Perry who sang for half time, this year its going to be Lady Gaga.

My parents always watch the game and sometimes my brother will watch too. He is going for the Patriots and everyone else in my family is going for the Falcons. Im going to my friends house with someother people and her parents are having a SuperBowl party so there will be a lot of hoots and hollers there.

The game doesn’t actually start until 5:30 so im not sure how it is going to go. My dad thinks that the falcon’s are going to win because they are the underdogs. But I think that the Patriots are going to win because they have won the super bowl 4 times.

Comment who you think is going to win!

My Week

This past week, my parents went to the Dominican Republic without us. Although I wanted to go I still had lots of fun at my friend Parker’s house.

My parents were gone for about 6 days. While they were hanging out at the beach; trying new food, and meeting new people, I got to have sleepovers every night, even on a school night. We got to watch tv, movies and eat lots of candy! My brother also stayed with them too, so we had lots of nerf gun wars!

We also got to see this really good movie called A Dogs Purpose. It was so good, I highly recommend it! It is now one of my favorite movies, it had the cutest dogs in it, too!

After the movie, Parker Katie, Kylie and I went to Kylie’s house, we got lots of candy, made homemade pizzas, and watched a movie. We watched a movie called Me Before You, although we didn’t finish, what we saw it was really good! We just about put every thing she had on our pizza’s, sausage, cheese, pepperoni, onions, and pretty much any pizza toppings you can think of!

As you can tell my week was pretty fun, how was yours?

House Of Torment

Ok so I know that Halloween was a while ago but I dicided to write about the scariest day of my life, House of Torment. It sounded like so much fun when my friend Zoey asked me if I wanted to go. But clearly I didn’t know what I was getting my self into.

After we finished dinner,  I started to get a little nervous. When we first arrived there we were greeted by some of our friends and… a creepy old lady who started screaming at us. I was first like ok this is not that bad but ohhhh its bad. Its from screaming old lady’s to green haired clowns with chainsaws.

When we walked in the 1st house we thought since it said 1st house it was the least scariest but turns out it was the most scary. When we first stepped foot in the ¨mental house¨there was a man on the ground who was shaking and he was yelling ¨help me!¨ We then kept walking and this women with pale gray makeup on wearing a nurse out fit asked me if I wanted to come and see this new room she made. When I looked back Zoey was gone so it was just me and these creepy people around me…great. I kept walking a little bit farther and then this girl pops up yelling take me with you and she had chains around her arms and ankles. After I started screaming I ran out to the outdoor area.

When I finally found Zoey, I told her how scary it was and no way im going back in. We were about to go in the least scary house which is the 3rd house but when we turned back we were greeted by this guy saying ¨come play with me¨and blood dripping down his face. We started running, but the more we ran the more he followed us. We eventually stoppped running because he turned his chainsaw off.

Well i definitely don’t think I´ll be there again for a while.

Winter break!

Well, as you know, Texas isn’t a very cold place. The week of Christmas it was 70 degrees, with sunny skies. We went to the beach with some friends and stayed at their beach house.

We woke up to the birds chirping, and not a cloud in the sky. We drove the golf cart down to the sandy beach and quickly jumped in! My friend Emily and I were playing race the wave, it’s a game where you walk when the waves crash to the shore and you see if you beat the wave or the wave beats you. In the middle of the game Emily yells “STOP!” We all run over to find her holding a bright purple and red star fish. As we were going to show the parents, she screams “It’s moving!” and throws it back in. Although we didn’t get to show the parents the cool starfish, a few minutes later we were playing in the sand and I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. Let’s see if you can guess, it’s a white/cream color, they are rare to find whole and it starts with sand, and ends with dollar. If you haven’t guessed it yet I’ll just tell you…. I found a sand dollar!! And it’s about the smallest sand dollar you will ever see! I didn’t throw it back in the water because luckily it didn’t move!! We all run to my parents yelling, “we found a sand dollar!!”  In shock the parents don’t believe it!! “Awesome, that’s so bizarre y’all found a whole sand dollar on a Texas beach!” Here’s the sand dollar I found compared to a quarter.

Pic taken by me

After we got back from the beach, it was almost Christmas!!! We got home late, on Christmas Eve Eve. So when we wake up in the morning it will be Christmas Eve! The feeling that Christmas is sooooo close gives me the chills just thinking about it!! Christmas is my favorite holiday EVER! My brother, Grant and I can NEVER fall asleep on Christmas Eve. As late as we go to sleep we still wake up at 3:00 am. Our parents don’t let us go downstairs until 7:00 so 5 hours of dreadful waiting is just about the most boring thing ever! When the alarm finally rings at 7:00 we rush down the stairs and wake up our parents. They take forever to get out of bed! When everyone’s ready we open our stocking presents then eat breakfast. My mom usually makes homemade cinnamon rolls, they are sooo good! After we slurped down our breakfast we open presents from friends and family.


Winter break 2016 was a success!

Teen Skills

I have been taking a class called Teen Skills, and we have been cooking and sewing. Curintly we have been sewing together pajama pants. I thought that it would pretty easy but ohhh no I was VERY wrong. It is VERY hard.

You have to have the foot down, needle ready, and gas foot on. My pants having a paisley design and I have pink thread. In order to thread your machine you have to do a million steps. You have to bring it through here then bring it through there then pull here then pull there. Soooooo  many steps!!

After we do each step we have to get the hot iron and press down on the fabric so it stays in place.

Let me just tell you, in our class we only have 16 people. And over 100 injuries. The fact that we count them is crazy? But the fact we have over 100 is even more crazy!!

Now I’m finally done with my pants and the stress of getting them done on time is finally over!!!

Let’s hope they fit!!



The past week I was traveling! The first few days of my adventure packed week, we were in Salt Lake City. I had never seen snow like I had there. You could sled down mountains or build a snow man as big as you! We went ice skating, and went to Olympic Park and even got to see some professional bob sledders. Although we were only there for a few cold days, I had a great time. After that we hopped in our car and drove 4 hours to meet my family in Swan Valley, Idaho.

Now when I said Salt Lake was adventure packed, that was just getting started compared to the craziness of what’s about to be told of what went on in Idaho!  One day my dad and I went fishing in the pond near my uncle’s house. I caught a 19″ rainbow trout and hooked an even bigger one, but my line snapped.  We also went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to go see all of the cute shops around town. Now, if you think that sounds fun, just wait until you hear this! Our goal this trip was to see a moose, just one if we’re lucky. We were driving and there was a big black thing and I yelled “HEY WHAT’S THAT THING?” It turns out that it was a moose!!! And get this, we didn’t just see one, but 12!!! Not only did we see moose, we also saw buffalo, deer, cows, horses, chickens, goats and many more!

We also spent Thanksgiving here, too. We had the world’s biggest turkey…it was huge!!!! We also had mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, fruit, green beans and much, much more!!

Now, back to the hot weather!