Summer Plans

I have many summer plans. Some of them are just things like hanging by the pool and going on little adventures. But this summer I will also be going to two different country’s.

The first place I will be going to is Cancun, Mexico. I really can’t wait to go to cancun. I am so excited to wiggly my toes in the white sand and to swim in the clear water. Another thing I am really excited to do is to explore the jungle and visit the rune. the last thing I’am excited about is seeing the people and there culture.

The second place I will be going this summer is Pozalo, Sicily. my family and I go there every other year to go see my grandparents. I love going to Sicily. I think it’s always so much fun to be there. I get to see family, eat amazing food, and get to even swim at the beach witch is just a block away from my grandparents house. I would say Sicily is definitely one of my most favorite places in the world.

I feel so lucky to be able to be going to these places and I can’t wait!


The Dog

His body was fat
And soft
And black
And now wet as he jumped in the pool
He paddled
And swam to his favorite toy
That floated on the water
And he splashed me
And started to get closer to the toy
And now he almost had it
He had wanted that toy,
And he finally got it
Swimming back to get out of the pool
He swam back
Soft, black, wet
Part duck, part bear
Part neither- for he was
A Labrador retriever

Inspired by; The shark by Edwin John Pratt


Childhood Memory

My childhood memory is at one of my birthday party’s. I think I was turning five. It was at the house but it was a very big party. All of my family was there and I got a lot of presents. My mom had also rented a donkey named Michel Jackson. He was pretty cool. One of my favorite gifts was a pink barbie jeep that my uncle got for me. My older cousin Daren was driving it and I really wanted to drive it, But he kept on driving it away from me. I ended up getting really mad at him and went to go tell on him. It was my barbie jeep. Eventually I got it and I drove past him sticking my tongue out. Now looking back on it I think it was really funny. That’s just one of my childhood memory’s and I have many more.


Shawn Mendes Concert

Last Sunday my friend and I went to the Shawn Mendes concert at the Houston Rodeo. It was sooooooooooo much fun!

When we first got there we were in the building next to the rodeo building. My friend and were super excited. As we were walking we saw a Dip and Dots stand. We both really wanted some so I asked my and he said yes. I got mint chocolate, she got strawberry and we started to head toward the rodeo.

Once we got in we went to look for our seats and they were actually pretty good. The first thing we saw was horse buking, then the barrel racing, bull riding, wagon races, and finally the little kids riding on the sheep. As they were doing the sheep ridding with the kids they started to pull out the stage, and the concert was about to start.

The lights went low and they started to do fire works as Shawn Mendes was getting on stage! As they stop he stats to play his guitar and sing. It was really cool because it was just him and his guitar up there no band at all. Everyone in the crowd was all pumped up and screaming. His first song to sing was Something Big which is one of my favorites. His last song to sing for the night was Never be Alone which is also one of my favorites.

My friend and had a really fun night. Once we left we headed home. We didn’t get home till 11:30 pm but it was totally worth it.


Why Dogs?

I come home, walk to the dinning-table to do my homework, and a little friendly face is looking up at me. Dogs are such great companions!

I had to save up money for a long time to get my dog, but I’m so glad I did. She might be a little mischievous just a little, but she’s definitely a big part of my family.

Dogs can help people with many things. Some dogs help blind people and other disabilities. Other dogs help kids with reading. Dogs do so many things to help people, and that’s why dogs are so amazing.


Blue print

Martin Luther king Jr said a speech called blue print. In this speech he talk about how you need a blue print for life.
My blue print for life is this.

First I want an education want to go to a good college. I’m not sure what college I want to go to though

Second I want a career. I’m not really sure what job I want ether but I know that what ever it is that I want to be the best at it. I want to be very secsesfull in my career someday.

Lastly I want a family. I want at least two kids and a husband. That’s my blue print for life.


Copper Mout. Colorado

This year my family and I went to Copper Mouton Colorado for skiing. The first day is always pain. You have to rent skis, rent the ski boots, rent the ski helmet, and get into your ski classes.

On the first day I didn’t actually didn’t get ski classes they were full. So on the first day I was skiing with my mom and aunt. My aunt was trying to give me refreshers… Like they helped. After that my mom and I went to the cafe and some hot chocolate with marshmallows which were good.

On the second day my whole family get a private ski instructor. He was cool and interesting. He had long hair like as long as mine! In the summers he said he was an alaskan tour bus driver and in the winters he’s a ski instructor. I did lot better on the slopes that day.

On the third day I just went skiing with my mom. We had a lot of fun. We went all the way up to the top of the mountain. We also went to the place where you can do all the jumps. I fell quite the few times but it was still a lot of fun.



Sometimes people judge others on appearance almost emeditly. When we meet new people we start to judge them.In many ways, by there looks, and by there skin color. We also judge by there clothes and shoes. When we do this we decide things about them like if there mean or nice,if we’er going to hang out with them, or even if we’er going to walk up to them or not.

It can be very sad the way we judge other people.Don’t judge before you’ve had a chance to meet them.


Going To Oregon

Going to Oregon we had a 3 hour lay over. After 3 hours we were supposed to be boarding the plain but they could not find a pilot. Once they did find the pilot after an hour and a half delay the pilot was to tired to fly the plain, so they had to try to find another pilot. An hour and a half later the airline had desisted to cancel the flight.

Our next step was to go to costumer service. We ended up w in line for an hour and one half. Finely we made it down to baggage claim only to find out they had lost our bags. We had no cloths except the ones we were wearing and no toothbrush’s or tooth paste. So we left got on a shuttle bus that toke us to the hotel the airline had put us in. By this time it was to late to go shopping so we had to sleep in our cloths.

The next day we went to the airport to see if they found our bags which they had not. So stayed in San Francisco bought new cloths went to a new hotel. after 2 days they found our bag and sent it to our hotel. The good thing is that we ended up having lots fun after all of what happened and that was the important thing.