TWINS: 3 Tips For The Double Trouble


HEY! Sophie here! (Again) So if you did not already know, then here is your lucky day for some me info: I am a twin!

No, I am not one of those creepy identical twins that finish each other’s sentences, wear the same clothes, and act like clones of each other. I am a fraternal twin: born together, nothing alike. She has a blog too by the way. (you should really visit it) Anyway, moving on. So yes, I am a twin, and yes I am fraternal, but this most is not really about me, it’s about all twins. If you want to get on both twin’s good sides than this post is for you: here are 3 TIPS FOR DOUBLE TROUBLE……. *Dun Dun Dun*



So, I know some twins don’t mind, but I CERTAINLY do. In fact it is one of my highest pet peeves, aside from the disastrous word: y’all.  Calling a twin their sibling’s name is not cool or funny, or whatever cruel motives someone would have for something so malicious. Seriously though, while I enjoy my sister, (occasionally…) I would not like to walk around being called Ingrid the entire day. Or ever. People are born with their own name, and I think they should stay that way. If you want to be one of our favorite people on the planet then—figure out who is who. Quickly.




Okay, maybe this one is not as big as the first, but it is still annoying. I mean imagine this, so you get this one present, for two twins, and you think “Hey they won’t care, they’re practically the same person! I bet they’d LOVE to share!” Hmm, I’m not sure who thought twin’s are the same person, because WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT. I am different from my sister, my sister is different than me. Everyone got that? Good. Now I understand that this does not apply to ALL twins. In fact, I bet there is someone out there that loves sharing presents with their twin. (Maybe??) But here are the cold hard facts of majority twindom: just get two separate presents. They can be the same present, same color, style, whatever, but just get two separate ones. Because WE ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. Got that? Gracias.



For some of you, this tip might strike you as kind of weird and “out there. “No asks those types of questions!”  You may say. Weeeeell, the even WEIRDER part is they do. And it’s weird. Questions like “Oh! You’re twins?! That must be cool, huh? Do you guys share a room? Do you know what each other are thinking? Are you best friends from birth? Are you secret clone aliens come to destroy earth and all its inhabitants?” No, no, no, and yes. We are aliens. How’d you guess? Anyway, how wouled you like to have people asking about your sister night and day? It gets boring. The most annoying one though is: “So, do you like being a twin?” Well, this is for every person who has ever asked this question, and I am only going to answer this once: I don’t know. Sounds like an excuse, but it’s not; I really don’t know. How can you opinionated on that, when it’s the only way you have ever lives? You can’t. So HA. (Sorry I had to get that off my chest…) Overall, just don’t ask people too many personal questions about their twin, because after a while it gets stalkerish.



In general, if you want to make friends with both twins, just treat them like separate people. AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT CALL US “THE TWINS”. *Cringing in the background* Sorry but it is true. We just happen to be 2 people born together at the same time, by the same mother, on the same day of the same year, in the same place. (Hmm… when you think about it that way, I guess we have more in common than you think…) BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE US THE SAME PERSON. Me and Ingrid are total opposites, and I know others that are too. Make us feel like real people, and you gain not one, but TWO fast friends. Bargain deal— buy one, get one free. I hope you remeber because I am not saying that again…. Anyway, this is also my last blog post for a while, so goodbye friends!!




Hello all! Sophie here! Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I have been kind of busy. April doesn’t slow down for anyone, and I am NO exception. Between school, and concerts, and preformances, and the fact that most people are daydreaming about summer the entire day, (*cough cough* DEFINITELY NOT ME… *cough cough*) my mind was a little preoccupied. But I am here now and I have some big news! (Don’t worry it’s not life threatening….. maybe.) We are moving!

Okay, so first off we are not moving out of the state, country, or city. (Although Ireland DOES sound nice…) No, but we ARE moving. Like: boxes, and packing, and cleaning out all of your stupid junk, moving. By now you will probably asking: “Umm… Why?” Well, if you know my family and me well, then you have probably already heard of this: For the past year or so we have been building a house.

This house is a LOT closer to school, is quite a bit bigger, and also, well, it’s just really awesome. And while I will have to share a bathroom with my little sister, (*groan*) I will have a chance to redo my room, and start fresh. Building a house though, has not been easy, (especially for my mom) and we didn’t exactly start from scratch. My parents bought a home in a neighborhood called Patterson. It is a mile mile from West Ridge, and half a mile from Barton Creek, (my little sister goes there) both within walking/ running distance, which is nice. Originally we had bought a property, and we were going to just renovate it, but nature decided to mold every inch of the house from the  rain last spring, (CURSE YOU NATURE!!!!!!)  we had to basically start from scratch money-wise.

So far we are almost done: the rooms are painted, the cement is poured, and the bathrooms are tiled. The floors have to be put in and the pool all fixed up, (Plus another gazillion other complicated things like lighting and tile samples….) but my mom says that we MAY be able to move in towards the end of June. (IF nature behaves anyway) I’m super excited and I can’t wait to FINALLY move in.













It comes fast.

The wind, the rain.

The howls, the sheets.


Cymbols crashing,

the waves roll and tumble.

Rythym pounding,

rain pummels down.


World is alive tonight,

a stream of music.

The voices wail tonight,

the wind a mournful cry.


Tempo picks up,


Passion so sweet and bright,

Then fades,

falling in waves,

with the storm.


An unpredictable storm,

An unpredictable song.

A symphony of sound.




Author’s Note:

I wrote this poem because I love the rain. I mean really, water falling from the sky— what’s not to love? Anyway, I also find the sound of the rain to be very interesting, and I thought that writing a poem about it would be nice. In this poem I used cymbals as a simile to thunder, and the voices as a simile to wind. I have always been fascinated by the rain, and how it comes in waves, and I hope that readers can see it in my writing.

It’s SPRING Break

3…2…1…. SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!! Get ready for summ— wait. Lets rewind here. It is NOT summer yet. (Whoospy!) Sorry everyone, I hate to break it to you. But, even though it’s not summer, (☹️) spring break is just around the corner, and it’s a blast! Spring break is one of the best breaks around.

Ugg! Sitting in classroom bored to tears, and then when the amazing bell of Liberty rings: BOOM. Stack of homework. No, no, no. We have too much! Spring break, is a no stress, no school environment, and it’s perfect to me. When that last bell rings, I’m gone, shooting into the sky so fast, the speed of light is snail speed. Papers fly away, stress flys away, YOU fly away. Maybe you will fly to a beach, or a city, or a grandma, but I can guarantee that that only one equation will be in your head: No school=no stress! Hmm….. Maybe not NO stress. Less stress. I mean there there is: “Where am I going to go out to eat in Rome?” And, “What am I going to buy in Paris?” Travel stress.  (So MAYBE I need to work on the equation…) The couch, and an airplane are your allies to help you wage war on the evil metal desks, and for once Spanish, and science, and math, and English, and history aren’t your top priorities. Stress isn’t good for you, and Spring Break gives you the break YOU need most.

No stress—psssssh. Spring break gives you more than that. It gives you the freedom of travel, without missing school. It’s the perfect cover for a family vacation to California, or the Netherlands, or New York! It’s the perfect chance to hop on a plane and soar until you drop, or to relax at home while imagining your self soaring until you drop. (Hey! It could happen!) The possibilities for a week are endless! Last year my family took a road trip between 3-4 states: California, Arizona, Nevada and I think New Mexico. The highway was are friend, and hotels were ourn allies, it was perfect. This year my family and I are going to Washington DC, (And not to see the President… Duh.) but the monuments are supposed to be pretty awesome. Two years ago, we went to Hawaii, were the perfection was reality, trees and water of glass. I have friends who have traveled around the country, and family who tell of fun experiences. Literally the possibilities are endless during spring break.


While spring break isn’t summer, it’s the perfect mid semester break. The no stress travel, and the amazing possibilities make for a perfect get away, and the excitement can drive you crazy. Spring break is one of the best breaks around, and who knows where you will go next year?



¡HOLA! I have just finished reading the 4th book in a series called: The Mortal Instruments by: Cassandra Clare. This series was recommended to me by my interesting friend, Nora —You should really check out her blog if you like book reviews— and I have been really into ever since. There are 6 books in the series, and the school library has limited copies of the last couple books, so I suggest that you get there ASAP before they’re gone……. Sorry! Back on topic! I shall now state my review of the: City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare.


*WARNING! THERE MAY BE MASSIVE SPOILERS AND SEVERE PERSONAL OPINIONS.* (This may lead to dramatic tantrums, screams, and enemies between the reviewer and the reader. Do NOT take this to heart. Most of theses are personal opinions.)


Okay dokey! Now where to start? —ah of course! As I just said, the first book is called: THE CITY OF BONES. It takes place in more-or-less present day New York, (The book was written in 2009 —I checked.) and the main character is a girl named Clary Fray. Clary is a 16 year-old girl, who is an only child, and has no father. Her best friend’s name is Simon, and they are both pretty average. (Don’t worry, the juicy stuff is coming!) The book opens with Clary and Simon at a night club called: Pandemonium. (Weird name, right?) Now, Clary and Simon don’t go to these all too often, but for some reason tonight they wanted to. Anyway, while they’re there Clary notices a strange blue haired kid watching everyone creepily. As she watches, he gets led into a dark room and people in dark clothes follow him. Fearing an attack on him, she follows and finds that the three people who followed him are choking and brutality stabbing him —not the best walk in point if you ask me— she threatens to call the cops, and the kids tell her that the thing they just killed was a demon, and that they are Shadow Hunters— part human, part angel people who hunt and kill demons. For a living. She goes home to find her mom missing, and a demon tearing up her living room. Clary kills the demon and finds one of the boys from the nightclub— Jace, who brings her to a place they call the institute, where he and his friends— Alec and Isabelle, the other two shadow hunters at the night club, who happen to be brother and sister— live. The rest of the book goes on about Clary’s quest to find her mom, and her falling in love with Jace. She finds out that she has a dad, but he is a evil Shadow Hunter who wants to destroy all “down worlders” —creatures who are part demon but not all the way, like faeries, vampires, werewolves and other things. Clary hates her dad, but hates him even more when he tells her and Jace that they are brother and sister, which nauseates them both, because they like each other.



Well, I thought this book was really good after you got over the beginning. In the beginning of the book, there were some parts where I literally wanted to through the book across the room, for the confusing bits of weird decisions. For example — in the beginning when Clary finds out that shadow hunters exist, and that she may have some shadow hunter blood of her own, SHE IS COMPLETELY FINE WITH IT. IT IS SOOOO WEIRD. Basically, one moment she is normal, and the next she finds out everything she knows is a lie, and she is completely cool with it!! I mean really, how would YOU feel if in one day your life got turned upside down, everything you thought you knew turned out to be  lie, and that there are unsupervised demons and monsters ruling the world!? ALL IN ONE DAY?!?! Hmm…. Maybe I’m thinking to much into that, but as I told you: I’m sort of obsessed.

Secondly, I had a love hate moment when I found out Jace and Clary were brother and sister. I loved it.— they had a really emotional show of nauseation, which I like to read about. (I’m weird, I know.) And I hated it.— uh that was just gross. Personally I thought they were fine up until that point, but after that point in the book (SPOILERS) they started acting really weird and avoiding each other, until they figured out they were actually NOT siblings. (Plot twist….) ☹️

Lastly, I liked how the story was set in present times with a few twists. It made it more interesting. Personally my favorite character was Magnus, who is a warlock, and who ends up resurrecting Clary’s mom after she is found in a coma at the end of the book, and ends up datiing Alec. He is pretty funny and has an odd fashion sense for boys, but he is really funny either way. Anyway, there is enough spoilers in this post to last a life time, so I’ll just end with this: The City of Bones is a good book, that leads into a better series, so grab a library cards and some keys, and get your butt down to the library to get it now! (Wow, that sounded like an ad… INGNORE THAT PART.)


Golf- A Perfect Lullaby


“The ball shoots over the course! Around the hill it races…….. So, so, so close……. AND THE CROWDS GO WILD!!!!!! Or they would anyway. If they were “ALLOWED” to. All you are allowed to do though is politely clap…. No, no, NO! GROSS. Golf is soooo boring.

To start with, have you ever noticed you are not allowed to clap like a maniac? (I certainly have.) The ball could go in all perfect, but you are not allowed to cheer? Nuh uh, not my sport. I mean, COME ON! We are big, loud Americans, not reserved, polite Brittish! (No offense UK.) When I think of sports, I think of screams of triumph, loud and proud, and slightly obnoxious, not quite claps of politeness.

Also, golf is just plain long. Sitting for hours in the blazing sun, or furious cold, watching the same ball go in the same hole, again, and again, and again: *Tap* —Oh, a miss. *Tap* —Oh, another miss. *Tap, tap* —Oh ANOTHER miss. *Tap* Miss, *Tap* miss, *Tap* miss, *Tap* miss, *Tap* miss………..*Tap*…………miss?……. Sorry I fell asleep just think about it. Golf wastes your precious hours of youth.

Now I know that this post is probably offensive to golf players, but all these points have reasons. I hate football, but if given a choice between football and golf, well- grab me some tickets to the stands, and some fan merchandise! It’s time to go to an AMERICAN sport.


March 2 3 4, March 2 3 4

Last Saturday, my family and I went to the women’s march, at the capital. Ok, so maybe not my WHOLE family went, just my mom, and my sister and I. The marches are not just for women, but for racial and sexual discrimination. (So there were men there too.)

The woman’s marches were happening everywhere, and I knew plenty of people who were going to them. I had an Aunt and cousin march in DC, some cousins march in Minnesota, some more in Pennsylvania I think, and a couple more places that I really don’t remember…… Oh well! The marches took place in locations that are well known, and are populated. People meet up at a designated spot with signs, and then they walk a plotted course around the city/town. The course is only a mile or two, but with  thousands of bodies it can last a LONG TIME.

The Texas march took place in Austin, (Well duh, Austin is pretty cool.) and marchers met at the state capital. When my mom, sister, and I went in, a woman gave us stickers, and told us that was how they estimated how many people showed up. (Sounds like a LOOONNGG process to me, but hey, it wasn’t my idea.) Once inside the surrounding gate, we followed the long line of people who were making their way to the starting point. There were tons, and I mean TONS of people there. People holding signs with words I’m not allowed to say, people screaming cries too blurry for my to understand, and people packed at the entrance sweating up a STORM. So yeah, there was a lot of people, with a lot of opinions. My mom led us towards the entrance of the march, and got us close to the front. The march started, and people paraded down the streets in big hordes without room to move. Luckily though, after the first couple of blocks, the crowd spread out, and I could finally move my elbows. We marched in a big U turn, through sun and shade, before finally heading back. The incredible thing though was, by the time we were almost done, there were people at the capital who hadn’t even started to march yet! Scary……  There were speeches at the end of the march, but my mom did not want to get stuck in traffic, so we left early.

The march was a fun experience for me, and it showed me how many people cared. Around 40,000 people showed up at the Austin march. TWICE the amount they expecting. In Washington DC around 250,000 people showed up. (Um, I don’t know about you, but to me that’s too many bodies, in a too smal, space….) Marching opened my eyes, and gave me a memories I will never forget.

EVE – (No I Am Not Writing About Wall-E’s Girlfriend)

Hello everyone! Sophie here! I know it has been a while since I have last posted, (Sorry about that, but I was on winter break, and usually I don’t have sudden urges to write blog posts at that time. How unusual, right?) but now I am posting, I will keep this short and sweet.


Yesterday, I went to a new program called EVE, a color guard “training” class, if you will. This class teaches you tricks and skills you would need for the high school color guard. Now if at this point you are thinking, “Umm…. What in the world is color guard, and why is weird person not explaining it??”  then it’s okay, I will present you with this little fun fact: Color guard, (At least in this sense.) are the people that do the flag performances at football games at halftime. Well at Westlake anyway. ( You may have seen them perform at the Rose Bowl parade- they were the girls with the flowers on their heads, waving flags.) EVE though, is not only for high school kids, and they also do not only perform at football games. They have classes for middle schoolers, that you can take to prepare for high school, (Which I just started… DUH.) and they also compete at competitions, though I am not very well informed about that part.

Anyway, I went yesterday and found it actually a lot more fun than I had thought it was initially going to be. (No offense EVE.) We learned how to twirl a flag, and how to do a cool flourish move, that looks pretty cool when I don’t hit myself in the head… Whoops! We also did some fun dance skills, like (Forgive me dancers, but I don’t even come close to knowing how to spell this word, so I am just going to sound it out.) SHA-NAY turns- that kind of look like pirouettes, and these interesting dance rolls, that look better when someone else other than me, is doing them. Hmm….. Maybe I need more practice?


So here you have it; the short, (check?) and sweet, (No, not really…) life update about what I did yesterday…. This may not be as interesting or funny as some of my other posts, but I am trying to wake up from hibernation still from spring break. Just give me…… A week or two? Oh well!




Poem of the Week #10: Fall. Summer.

As I said a couple weeks ago, I am going to be trying out new styles of poetry. Today I will try, (And most likely fail.) a reverse poem. These are poems where, you can read them backwards and forwards, and the poem still makes sense. This is also tricky, because usually the poem, while read two different ways, also has two different view points, or meanings. So here is the best shot I got at a hopefully okay reverse poem:




into piles




sun goes away

clouds fly with wind

sun comes around


birds chirp

green flourishes

flowers open






flowers open

green flourishes

birds chirp


sun comes round

clouds fly with the wind

sun goes away




into piles







Author’s note:

This poem was inspired by the changing of seasons, and even though I didn’t make it very obvious, I hope you understood the difference. I want to show how not just the tempertures change, (Although, for me that is a big part of it.) but also the earth. I wish I had explained some of the feelings that came along with it, but I hope you did not think it failed TOO much.